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Exclusive Clip: Stop Motion Robots on DreamWorksTV

Sep 09, 2014

"How To Do Everything with Garrick & Marvin" is a stop-motion series about two robots who try to do simple tasks…that end in (comedic) disaster.

Robots Garrick and Marvin are here to teach you how to do, well, everything! But you won't believe how hard they fail at the simplest of tasks!  Dave Pressler, an LA-based artist, character designer, sculptor, illustrator and animator, who co-created and designed the Emmy nominated “Robot and Monster” on Nickelodeon, created, wrote, directed and co-animated “Garrick and Marvin.

Clip: Watch Garrick and Marvin attempt to cook


DreamworksTV is the first channel from a major studio that is creating original content completely native to the digital platform.

In addition to featuring vlogs from its beloved animated characters, DreamWorksTV’s original animated short-form content includes The Report Card (created by Jimbo Matison), Fifi: The Cat Therapist (created by Mike Blum), Jimmy Blue Shorts (created by Zach Aufdemberg), Public Pool (created by David Fremont), and Gorillaville (created by Ron Yavnieli) that are getting noticed.

The channel also features Retro Toons such as He-Man and The Masters of the UniverseRocky & Bullwinkle, Fat Albert and the Cosby KidsThe Archie Show, among others, as well as original live-action series including Draw My Dream, Record Setter Kids, OMG, UnBox It, and I Pranked My Parents.