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The Boxtrolls: Soundtrack Review

Reviewed by on Sep 23, 2014
Rating: 4 Star Rating

As one the most highly anticipated animated films of the season, we couldnt wait to hear the soundtrack for The Boxtrolls. The Boxtrolls soundtrack is available September 23rd - find out more in our Kidzworld Soundtrack Review!

If you love animated films, then you're probably buzzed about The Boxtrolls, which hits theaters September 26th, 2014. Over the last year animated films in general seem to be experiencing another golden age - Disney's Frozen raised the bar once more not just for original stories and cutting edge animation, but also for memorable (and hummable) soundtracks - and The Boxtrolls looks like it's about to do the same. A great soundtrack can make or break an animated film, and rather than going the pop route, The Boxtrolls soundtrack looks like it's geared towards music buffs, with orchestral numbers that will make you feel every dark moment of the story intensely.

The Boxtrolls Soundtrack Album CoverThe Boxtrolls Soundtrack Album CoverCourtesy of Back Lot Music

The Boxtrolls Soundtrack is now available!

Like some fantastically memorable animated films (like Coraline) The Boxtrolls isn't afraid to be dark - in fact the main characters live in shadows, under bridges in the town of Cheesebridge, rummaging around after hours for treasures in the trash so they can make new inventions in their world underground, they take dumpster-diving to a new level. Scored by Academy Award-winner Dario Marianelli with classic numbers performed by the Portland-based group Loch Lomond, The Boxtrolls soundtrack perfectly reflects the underground atmosphere and the magic of the film. If you're a sucker for symphonies or big band music, you'll want to have this one at home. If you're a little more into power pop ballads you can belt out though, it might not be what you're expecting. For any Monty Python fans out there, there's even an original song written and performed my British comic song genius Eric Idle!

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Track Listing

  1. The Unspeakable has Happened
  2. The Scavengers
  3. The Boxtrolls Cavern
  4. Eggs' Music Box
  5. Quattro Sabatinos
  6. One Busy Night
  7. Rooftop Chase
  8. Broken Eggs
  9. Cheesebridge Fun Fair
  10. The Boxtrolls Song
  11. Snatcher and his Stooges
  12. Allergic 
  13. To the Rescue
  14. I'm Sure I Am Delicious
  15. I Was Given to Them
  16. What's a Father
  17. Slap Waltz
  18. Snatcher's Dramatical Entrance
  19. Look What You Did
  20. Jelly!
  21. Last Battle
  22. Say Cheese
  23. Little Boxes
  24. Some Kids
  25. Whole World

The Boxtrolls Soundtrack Rating: 4

Egg and WinnieEgg and WinnieCourtesy of Focus Films

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