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KW Street Beat: Sole Girls

Oct 09, 2014

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words by | KW Street Beat Team Member: Miss D


www.kidzworld.com had the opportunity to catch up with Ashley Wiles of www.solegirls.org and see what she and her Soleteers are doing to make a difference!

When #KWStreetBeat decided to meet up with Ashley, it was to learn more about her fight against one of the most relevant issues today - BULLYING. For us at KW, this is an issue we care very deeply about. Wouldn't you agree? Ashley and her SoleTeers have come up with a way to empower young girls, like yourselves in her community and arm them with Sparkles, Happy Pace and to ability to recognize their own AWESOMENESS.

Let's go inside with the KW Street Beat on location in North Vancouver, BC…


Each week Ashley & her team prepare a session based on her personally developed empowerment model to help educate, empower and create an environment for her girls that highlight their individual awesomeness!

Sole Girls is a community program based in and around Vancouver BC, Canada for girls ages 8 through 12. Let's let Ashley tell you herself with a video by Local Connection's Sonja Grgar.


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The Sole Girls, spotted the problem immediately and rallied in support of Being Yourself and that #LikeAGirl is an awesome way to be.

Following along in the session the girls pulled out workbooks and magazines. It was time to point out and highlight how media, ads in particular are incredibly manipulated in order to achieve perceived messaging and impact. They try and make you think a certain thing based on what you are looking at. Hmm. I was really happy these SOLE Girls had no trouble pointing out what was false.

One of the founding principles of SoleGirls.org rests on this facts:

  • At this age, habits such as eating, dressing, and new and different behaviors become more relevant.  If girls have a negative body image, they are less likely to be physically active. Self esteem can be related to weight, media, peer-pressure and can lead to poor academic achievement.
  • Empowering girls, between 8-12, to set goals, be active, celebrate successes,be confident when facing peers, and understanding media, can have incredible benefits in how girls use their ideas, handle their relationships and plan their futures.
  • After this activity the SOLEgirls and the Soulteers suited up preparing to do a little bit of running. I know, I know, that sounds hard… but you know I asked them and most said it was hard at the beginning - but now after practicing a little bit each session - they were excited and found it fun to be silly and try their best and have their new friends cheering them on.

Why Should Girls Exercise?

  • Girls who start exercising at a young age are likely to have well developed brains.
  • It reduces the rates of teenage pregnancy, smoking, drop-outs and obesity.
  • It fosters skills valued by the labour market.
  • Increases the time spent in school


It’s clear to see Ashley is passionate about helping her young Sole Girls achieve their goals.

"All of our programs are focused on non-competitive physical activities like games, relays and scavenger hunts and having fun being active. Every session focuses on a different topic like friendship, mean girls, being strong, being unique, values, the media and more! Our goal is that every girl feels confident in her body, is surrounded by a powerful group of girls who support her, and can fearlessly release her inner awesome

Being a Sole Girls coach and mentor means I get to inspire hundreds of girls to be their most awesome selves and give them tools I’ve learned that work to deal with bullies, friendships, anxiety, stress, fueling your body, and getting what you need to succeed.”


If you would like to find out more about joining a Sole Girls Program near you or would like to start on in your own community - Please Check out www.solegirls.org.

A huge #KWStreetBeat thank you to Ashley and all of the awesome ladies for sharing with us!

If you think you might like to check it out in person - Come on out to the Sole Girls Fun Run on Novemeber 2nd, 2014.