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KW Street Beat: Life is Beautiful

Oct 23, 2014

Welcome to Kidzworld on Location, with “KW Street Beat"

As much as we connect with you ONLINE we also like to keep our feet on the ground - bringing you, our members stories about health & fitness, education, community development, social justice, games, entertainment, personal empowerment and much, much more… connecting you to all sorts of fun and exciting LIVE events - you name it - we'll be there bringing the action right to your home.

Maybe you will be inspired to join our #KWStreetBeat movement and get out into your own communities. Remember to tag us, #KWStreetBeat & Have Fun!

words by | KW Street Beat Team Member: Miss D

Gary is hitting the road!Gary is hitting the road!

Miss D & Gary are hitting the road.

We want YOU to come with us, follow along & watch for updates! 

#KWStreetBeat is heading to Las Vegas, Navada. Smack in the middle if the Mojave Dessert in search of a little inspiration. Kidzworld will be on location at Life is Beautiful ~ An inspirational festival filled with music, art, lots of different types of food & talks by some of  the most influential and inspiring people on the planet. 

Life is Beautiful is an inspirational social platform dedicated to helping people conquer their fears and chase their dreams. The world we live in is a beautiful place. But, more often than not, people don’t see it that way. Too many people are consumed by their fears. Whether they’re insecure about their weight, are bullied at school or are unhappy with their job, more and more people are stuck in a lonely place. That’s where we hope to help. Life is Beautiful is meant to guide people to the place where they can embrace life and find happiness, whatever that looks like to the individual.  - Rehan Choudhry

Street Beat: Life is BeautifulStreet Beat: Life is Beautiful

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be an internationally known musician? Ever wondered what it was like when they were just like you? Which ones loved school? Who hated school? Who felt like they didn't fit in? Who knew they were born to stand out? Favorite foods, books and much, much more. 

Gary loves all things EntertainmentGary loves all things Entertainment

This week, we are going to be heading out in search of the best answers to our 3 #KWStreetBeat questions: 

1. What moves you, what gets you out of bed each morning, what moves your heart?

2. If you had access to a time mahine and you could go back to have a conversation with your younger self - what would you say??

3. What do you love the very, very most about yourself?? 


Have Your Say

Please use the comment section below to add your own questions, thoughts and messages. Gary & Miss D want to talk about what matters to you! 

2014 Lineup2014 LineupCourtesy of Life is Beautiful

2014 Lineup2014 LineupCourtesy of Life is Beautiful