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Best Teen Guy’s Group Halloween Costumes 2014

Oct 16, 2014

Any superhero team, movie cast or sports teams will do if you’re up for scavenging around for all the right pieces. If you want to go simple and unique here are a few idea starters.

TV Shows

The Big Bang Theory is a hot ticket this year, and it’s pretty easy to get all your clothes from rummaging through your closets, at a dollar or thrift store or on closeout at Old Navy. If your closet is filled with camo gear, grab some fake beards and masquerade as the Duck Dynasty family.

The Big Bang Theory GangThe Big Bang Theory GangCourtesy of Coolest Homemade Costumes

Other ideas:

  • The Peanuts Gang: Charlie Brown, Linus and Schroeder
  • Doctor Who: Go as your favorite Doctor
  • Super Mario Bros, Sonic or other video game characters


Got jerseys? Put a team together. What could seem lame and lackluster as a solo act, looks cool and completely planned as a group. Even if you don’t have a team shirt, go as golfers in collared shirts holding clubs, tennis players in white holding rackets, or cricket players with a bat. If you can’t decide on a team, check out what these clever teens did… they’re all winners!

A winner for every sportA winner for every sportCourtesy of

Thinking outside the box

There are many ways to put a Rock, Paper, Scissors costume together. The group in this photo included a lizard and Spock to the gang, Sheldon Cooper style.

Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, SpockRock, paper, scissors, lizard, SpockCourtesy of Coolest Homemade Costumes

Sometimes, you get together with a group that likes to outdo each other. Perhaps they’re clever, or punny, or just super creative. If that sounds like your crowd, we’ll leave you with this French Kiss group costume for inspiration.

French KissHow clever can you get?Courtesy of

Best costumes for a group of lazy guys

Zombify it: Step one: get an ordinary costume. Step two: rip it. Step three: add white makeup, scars, black nail polish and dirt. Instant group of [kwlink 27481]zombies[\kwlink].

Waldos: Red-and-white striped shirts, hats and black-rimmed glasses create a quick and easy group of Waldos you can pick out in any crowd.

Words With Friends: Got a big group? Wear all black, carry yellow signs with letters and spell out Words With Friends! (image courtesy of Kappa Tau Sigma via Pinterest)

Words With FriendsWords With Friends anyone?Courtesy of Kappa Tau Sigma via Pinterest

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