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Why We Love Becky G + Bio

Oct 31, 2014

She sings, raps and dances (in two languages! Spanish and English) - we'd say Becky G is ready to take over pop, and if her break out hit "Shower" is anything to go by, we can't wait!

Becky G's Shower reached #16 on the chartsBecky G's Shower reached #16 on the chartsCourtesy of Island Records

Becky G Bio

Born March 2nd, 1997, Rebecca Marie Gomez grew up in Moreno Valley, California. Tough times forced her family to sell her home and move into her grandparents garage in Inglewood, California. Determined to help her family Rebecca started out by doing voice-overs and commercials, but later on she threw herself into music - in a big way - she sings, raps, dances and acts. She was even part of a girl group called G.L.A.M. and has lent her vocal talents to songs for Ke$ha and Juicy J, she even co-wrote a song ("Wish U Were Here") with Cody Simpson! By 2012 her luck started to turn around, people started loving the cover vids that she posted to YouTube. In 2013 she became the face of Cover Girl, and in April 2014 she released the first single off her debut album the Play it Again EP. Not bad for a teenager, right?

Becky G raps, dances, sings and moreBecky G raps, dances, sings and moreCourtesy of Island Records

3 Reasons Why We Love Becky G

1. She Can Do It All

Becky G is the real deal - she writes and sings her own songs, and even taught herself to use Garageband so she could remix them before she was discovered online. All her dedication paid off in a big way, "Shower" is probably one of the catchiest solo debut singles to come out in 2014.

Pssst!: Did you know that "Shower" made it to #16 on the Billboard charts?

Check out "Shower" below!


2. Super Style

One thing that immediately sets Becky G apart from other up-and-comers is her amazing personal style - equal parts urban, hip-hop, girly and casual, we love her bright colors and fabulous accessories!

Becky G's bright, urban style is all her ownBecky G's bright, urban style is all her ownCourtesy of Billboard

She dished about her personal style to Yahoo Shine:

"My personal style reflects my music. My music and how I dress is just how I express myself, it’s just me. My music is urban pop, and my style of dressing is urban but still girly. I like that combination, the contrast is very nice," and revealed her fave items, "I love big summer dresses, and it sucks because I’m such a little person, so I always have to be very specific about which ones I put on. But I would say big summer dresses, a pair of wedges, and then sneakers.And of course, a pair of jeans and a T-shirt."

3. Can't Get Enough

What we really can't get enough of is this insanely catchy track featuring Pitbull. Even though she's performing with a megastar, Becky keeps the spotlight where it belongs - on her!

Check out "Can't Get Enough" below!


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