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Spooky Campfire Stories and Urban Legends

Nov 01, 2014

Hunting for terrifying tales this Halloween? Whether it's an Urban Legend or a good ol' ghost tale, the perfect scary story can turn your campfire night into the fright fest of the season. Use Spooky Stories and Urban Legends to freak out your friends!

Hair Scare

A young girl had her mother braid her hair tightly and pin it to her head because she hated doing her hair everyday. The new 'do looked fab, and she loved it so much that she refused to take her hair down and wash it - even after two months. One morning the girl started getting headaches, and her mom thought that maybe she was just coming down with a cold or had hit her head at school. Later that week while at school the girl simply couldn't take it anymore and finally asked her teacher to help. The teacher thought that maybe her braids were too tight, so she took down her hair only to discover that a spider had made it's way inside her hair and laid eggs!

Hair ScareHair ScareCourtesy of annanimity.com

The spiders had been biting her scalp, and they all came tumbling out as her hair went loose. The girl survived, but decided short hair was "in" for the rest of her life!

The Mystery Call

This one is an absolute classic that gets used in horror flicks all the time. A young babysitter is looking after two small kids one night. After she's sent them to bed, she turns her attention to doing some homework. The phone rings and she picks it up, and a voice on the other end asks "have you checked on the children yet?" and hangs up. About an hour later the mystery caller calls back and asks "have you checked on the children yet?" again. The babysitter starts to get scared, and calls the police who tell her not to worry, they'll trace the call if the mystery caller tries again.

The Mystery CallThe Mystery CallCourtesy of bustle.com

The mystery caller calls back, and asks her one more time if she's checked on the children. The police call right after and tell her:

"Get out of the house right now, the call is coming from INSIDE the house!"

The New Pet

A woman decides to take a trip to Mexico on her own, she has never traveled alone before and is very excited at the prospect of seeing some sun, beaches and a new country all on her own. She has a wonderful time on her trip, but as an animal lover can't help but notice the town she's visiting has many stray dogs, one in particular that takes a liking to her. It's a small chihuahua, and it waits outside her hotel for her in the morning, follows her around in the day and sleeps outside her window at night.

The New PetThe New PetCourtesy of mobypicture.com

No one seems to ever want to pet the dog, and she worries that no one will care for him when she leaves, so she decides to take the dog home with her. Once she's home, her first trip is to the vet to make sure her new dog is healthy.

The vet takes one look at her new pet, and says "Madame, that's a large sewer rat."

Trapped in the Crypt

A group of kids get together for a sleepover, and as soon as it gets dark they decide it's time for a game of truth or dare. Taking turns finding spookier and spookier things to dare each other, one boy finally pipes up with the ultimate dare. Pointing at a friend in the group, he announces "I dare you to spend the entire night alone in the cemetery crypt!" The friend accepts the dare and all the kids trek out to the local cemetery to watch their friend enter the crypt inside the enclosed cemetery. Fearless, he takes his flashlight and bids farewell to his friends, saying "I'll see you in the morning," as he opens the crypt door.

Spooky cemeterySpooky cemeteryCourtesy of doubtfulnews.com

The next morning the kids wake up, expecting their friend to have given up and come back, but he's still gone. They walk out to the cemetery, and when they open the crypt door they find their friend ... staring into space and speechless, and his hair has turned snow white!

The Whistling Tea Kettle

Based on the true story of an abandoned house in Pennsylvania, rumor has it more than one person had brushes with ghosts in this mansion! Going all the way back to the 1800s, the grand house was owned by early American settlers who were killed by their neighbors, and the house had been abandoned for years. When a young family decides to fix the place up and move in, they encounter some spirits who are still very much "at home" - cupboards open and close on their own, the oven turns on, and spookiest of all they come home one day to the kettle whistling at full steam! Too spooked to stay, the family moves out.

Some ghosts are right "at home"Some ghosts are right "at home"

Years later a man walking his dog in the area is caught in a storm, sees the abandoned mansion and decides to run inside til the weather lets up. He opens the door, and heads up the stairs to take a look around.  He hears a noise and sees a doorknob turn on its own and the door opens on its own with a whoosh! He decides that that's enough excitement for him and heads toward to the front door with his dog, and as they leave the dog turns around and barks at the top of the stairs as if someone was there.

Later his friends tell him it was just the wind - to which he responds "But how did the wind turn a doorknob!"

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