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Paddington Movie Review

Reviewed by on Jan 16, 2015
Rating: 5 Star Rating

The adorable Brit bear is back and Kidzworld has the Paddington movie review! Will you enjoy watching the adventures of a homeless bear in London and the family who takes him in?

By: Lynn Barker

Should a little talking bear trust humans? He trusted the explorer who discovered his kind in “darkest Peru”. After a tragedy, Paddington’s aunt packed him off to London where the explorer came from. Will other humans accept and take him in?

Paddington and Mr. Brown at the Geographers' ClubPaddington and Mr. Brown at the Geographers' ClubCourtesy of Weinstein Co.

From Darkest Peru

In the rainforests of Peru, a little bear (later named Paddington) spends his childhood with his aunt Lucy (voice of Imelda Staunton) and uncle Pastuzo (Michael Gambon). They are discovered by an English explorer who learns that they can talk. After an earthquake destroys the forest, Lucy goes to a retirement home and sends Paddington to the kindly explorer’s London with a tag around his neck saying “Please look after this bear”.

Paddington at his namesake train stationPaddington at his namesake train stationCourtesy of Weinstein Co.

A Strange Welcome

Paddington (voiced by Ben Whishaw), finds Londoners to be way too busy to “look after” him. Only the Brown Family (mom Mary and dad Henry played by Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins) feel sorry for him and take him in, naming him Paddington for the train station where they found him. After the small bear accidentally wrecks the Browns’ bathroom, dad feels that he should be turned over to authorities who can properly take care of him while mom Brown wants to find the explorer who found the bear in Peru.

Mrs. Brown invites homeless Paddington to stay at her houseMrs. Brown invites homeless Paddington to stay at her houseCourtesy of Weinstein Co.

He Grows on You

Day by day, Paddington wins over the two Brown kids Judy and Jonathan (Madeleine Harris and Samuel Joslin) with charm and crazy adventures like one in which he inadvertently nabs a pickpocket and becomes a hero. Using Paddington’s unique hat, which belonged to the explorer who found him, Mary gets closer to the mystery man’s identity.

Paddington puzzles over a toothbrushPaddington puzzles over a toothbrushCourtesy of Weinstein Co.

Enter the Villain

Meanwhile, Millicent (Nicole Kidman) head taxidermist (she stuffs animals) for the local museum, finds out about Paddington and simply must have him in her collection! Working with a disgruntled neighbor of the Browns’ she sets out to capture him. Meanwhile, Paddington and Mr. Brown sneak into the Geographer’s Guild looking for records of the Peruvian expedition that found Paddington. The records have mysteriously been destroyed.

Millicent surrounded by her animal trophiesMillicent surrounded by her animal trophiesCourtesy of Weinstein Co.

On His Own

After again causing a ruckus and mess at the Brown home, Paddington feels he should leave and goes looking for the explorer (now known to be Montgomery Clyde) on his own. His search leads him sadly, to baddie Millicent who is increasingly determined to stuff the rare bear and display him in her museum.

Millicant (Nicole Kidman) tracks down PaddingtonMillicant (Nicole Kidman) tracks down PaddingtonCourtesy of Weinstein Co.

Browns to the Rescue

The Browns track Paddington to the museum and, after many wacky and dangerous attempts to rescue him, they are successful and let’s just say Millicent gets what’s coming to her. Will Paddington and the Browns finally settle down as a permanent family?

Paddington at the Brown homePaddington at the Brown home

Wrapping Up

No matter what your age, you’ll think Paddington is a cuddly, warm-hearted romp. Of course, you have to accept that nobody in London is astonished or freaked that a bear can talk. It’s just a little “odd” but that’s part of the fun. The jokes, both physical and verbal, all work and are silly fun or just plain charming. The addition of some upbeat Caribbean music to the soundtrack is different and cool.

Nicole Kidman having a laugh on setNicole Kidman having a laugh on setCourtesy of Weinstein Co.

Sometimes Paddington’s computer-animated fur moves a bit like a guy in a bear suit but otherwise, he is totally huggable and believable. Nicole Kidman’s museum taxidermist character borrows quite a lot from Cruella De Ville who wants to capture Dalmatian dogs for their fur but she’s fun none-the-less. The usually stately Hugh Bonneville, who plays Lord Grantham on TV’s “Downton Abbey”, is a hoot as Mr. Brown who dresses as a female janitress to track down records on the expedition to Peru. Sally Hawkins is the perfect eccentric but loving mom.

Sally Hawkins as loveable Mrs. BrownSally Hawkins as loveable Mrs. BrownCourtesy of Weinstein Co.

Cute Brit actor Ben Wishaw of the last James Bond film Skyfall, does wonders as the voice of Paddington; His voice is just young and naïve enough for a young bear.

Each member of the Brown clan grows, improves and learns to better get along by adding Paddington to their household. He basically heals a dysfunctional family and the film, like the popular novels upon which it’s based, wants us all to be a bit kinder to strangers no matter what species they are.  What’s not to like? We were completely charmed and entertained so we go 5 stars.

Paddington Movie Rating:5

Paddington PosterPaddington PosterCourtesy of Weinstein Co.

Paddington is in theaters now!