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The Rua: Exclusive Interview

Jan 15, 2015

By Deanna Beaudoin

In an era where manufactured pop is considered to be the height of creative ambition, a band like The Rua might be considered something of an anachronism. (Which is a really big word that basically means 'Something that doesn't belong') It may seem like the brother/sisters trio don't belong among the worlds pop presence due to their very unique, multi-layered sound. A sound all of their own. After speaking with Alanna, Roseanna and Jonathan, we know that's just the way they like it

With their first single having dropped, 'Fight for What's Right' and their album due out later this year Kidzworld had the opportunity to chat with The Rua to find out what its like to be three normal kids ready to shake up the world's music scene!?

The Rua, In New York The Rua, In New York Courtesy of The Rua

Alanna, the eldest at 24 , Roseanna, the middle child at 22 & younger brother Jonathan at 19 all live together in Windsor, London currently residing, where else in the music room of course! 

Kidzworld: What is the first song you remember hearing? Do you remember where you were?

  • The Rua: It would probably be nursery rhymes or Irish folk tunes, in the music room or at our grandparents in Ireland. Definitely remember Que Sera, Sera.

The Rua's Fave On the Road snack The Rua's Fave On the Road snack Courtesy of Haribo Online Sweet Shop

Kidzworld: KW Members want to know, what is your favorite junk food go-to while on the road??

  • The Rua: We would definitely not turn down Haribo of any kind if someone offered or it was in a shop and we could buy it. Also Percy Pigs!! They are from Marks and Spencer and are AMAZING!

Kidzworld: Do you get nervous during a performance? How do you handle your nerves? 

  • The Rua: We all get nervous but we calm one another down. Roseanna looks at Jonathan a lot for the words for the beginning of songs sometimes because she get nervous and forgets but as soon as she has the 1st line they all flood back. Alanna always seems calm, maybe she gets nervous on the inside?

Kidzworld: How long and how often do you practice?? 

  • The Rua: Well, when we were rehearsing for the CMJ festival in New York we spent a whole week with the band practicing for the Gig. On our own, when we have the time, we practice as much as we can! Practice is important!

Kidzworld: What was the very first concert that you ever attended? 

  • The Rua: All together, one of the first concerts was the Spice Girls. Alanna loved (loves) the Spice Girls and we were in the second row! Alanna had ‘Spice’ painted on her face and Roseanna had ‘Girls’ painted on hers and Jonathan was so young he had to stand on the chair to see!

Kidzworld: How would you describe your most perfect day? 

  • Alanna: I would be on a white sandy beach with clear blue waters relaxing!
  • Jonathan: I would be flying an aeroplane somewhere cool! Or around the world!
  • Roseanna: I would have the perfect day spending it in Disney World! At all of the parks! 

CMJ: USA DebuteCMJ: USA DebuteCourtesy of The Rua

Kidzworld: Who are some of your favourite artists, composers, bands or other musicians past or present? Would you say any of them influenced your music? 

  • The Rua: We all like Fleetwood Mac, The Corrs, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and many more but we also like different artists too, as we each have our own preference to different types of music, (however we literally do like all genres of music)
  • Alanna likes Clean Bandit and Ed Sheeran,
  • Roseanna likes U2, Green Day and Paramore
  • Jonathan likes Frank Sinatra, Adel and Maroon 5.
  • The Rua: We are open to all types and Genres of music and really, really, really like them all! There are so many talented people out there.  We think it’s evident in our writing, our sound and our songs that we appreciate them all and all have an input into influencing us.

Kidzworld: What moves you? 

  • The Rua: We all love animals! So anything to do with animals!

Kidzworld: If you could jump into a time machine and give your younger self a piece of advice; what would you say?

  • The Rua: We would probably say ‘Practice more!!!’ Or say nothing at all as it may change our futures!!

Fun Fact: Each of the Bandmates have been in the Harry Potter MoviesFun Fact: Each of the Bandmates have been in the Harry Potter MoviesCourtesy of The Rua

Kidzworld:  What is the thing you absolutely love about yourself?

  • Alanna is lucky enough to have really good skin, doesn’t get many spots, although now that’s been said her fate will change! She is also really laid back doesn’t get stressed easily.
  • Jonathan is really caring and he doesn’t pre judge people either.
  • Roseanna loves her Red Hair! Wouldn’t change it for any other colour in the world!

Kidzworld: What causes are you involved with? What message would you like the world to know a little bit more about?

  • The Rua: We are very passionate about young people having the opportunity to learn music or an instrument. Music is such a fantastic and universal thing that everyone should get the chance to learn, even if they thought they may not be able to for one reason or another. It helps in so many ways with learning skills and creativity. It is also a very good extra curricular activity away from school.

Kidzworld: What song that you have made are you most proud of and why? 

  • The Rua: We are proud of all our songs, every single one of them on the 1st album. They are the sound of who we are and each of them are so different. We are proud because its something we have truly put all of ourselves into, emotionally physically and we have learnt so much.

Kidzworld: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

  • The Rua: We would love to see ourselves on a sold out world tour! We better get writing more songs for the other albums for it now!

The Rua - Fight For What's Right


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