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Strange Magic Movie Review

Reviewed by on Jan 20, 2015
Rating: 2 Star Rating

Star Wars creator George Lucas brings us his latest project, the animated musical Strange Magic. Is it worth a watch? Find out in Kidzworlds movie review!

By: Jenna Busch

Star Wars creator George Lucas may have sold Lucasfilm to Disney, but he’s still making films. He’s the writer and executive producer for the animated musical Strange Magic. In the film, a young fairy is jilted by her fiancé and takes up fighting. Good thing, as she’s got to rescue her derpy sister from the evil trolls and goblins on the dark side of the forest. The cause of all this madness? Love potions.

The new animated tale from Star Wars creator George LucasThe new animated tale from Star Wars creator George LucasCourtesy of Disney

Crazy in Love

The movie starts off with a couple of completely love sick fairies — both girls, of course — who can’t stop oohing and aahing over men. They don’t seem to have a thought in their heads besides love and Beyoncé. Yes, Beyoncé. A poor little dwarf is in love with Dawn the fairy who doesn’t notice him. On the dark side of the forest, the Bog King is your typical villain who hates everyone because a love potion went wrong and now he makes life miserable for everyone else. The fairies and creatures of the light can’t go to the dark side and vice versa. The reason? The primroses between the sides of the forest can be made into love potions and Boggy has banned those. However, when a bad guy wants to use a love potion to get the Fairy King’s daughter to marry him (after he’s awful to her), he tricks the little dwarf into to finding those primroses and free the fairy who can make one.

Beyonce and fairies - of course!Beyonce and fairies - of course!Courtesy of Disney

A Terrible Message Wrapped in a Good One

The worst part of the film is that it portrays all the female characters (and there are only a few) as stereotypes. The older sister Marianne is all syrupy sweet about an obviously terrible man, then goes completely rouge when he breaks her heart. The ones who’s hearts haven’t been broken remain dopey and shrill. (The film implies that you can only be unique and strong if you have your heart broken.) The Sugar Plum Fairy is completely one note and incredibly annoying and the Bog King’s mother is such a stereotype it was embarrassing to watch. Even worse is Marianne and Dawn’s father, the Fairy King (animated to look like a fairy version of George Lucas), who continues to insist that his daughter marry a man who cheats on her. I’m sorry, but no father would ever do that. Especially one who is supposed to be a wise ruler. He regularly sighs over the silliness of girls. Not a great message. Sure, there is supposed to be a bit about not judging someone by appearance, but when the bad, ugly guy and one of the pretty princess fairies fall in love, it’s no big change over. She never hated him because of his appearance. She hated him because he was mean. No one ever had any issue with how he looked, so it’s not exactly a message that hits home.

Girls are super boy-crazy in Strange MagicGirls are super boy-crazy in Strange MagicCourtesy of Disney

Those Freaky Fairy Faces

Remember Polar Express? Remember the creepy faces? These are worse. Most of the film has an animated feel, but the faces look just too close to be realistic to make it comfortable to watch. You’re not going to be able to stop looking at their teeth!

These faces are really animatedThese faces are really animatedCourtesy of Disney

The Music

The film is a musical and very little time goes by between songs. They’re popular songs from Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, but sung in terribly nasal voices. There are also the added giggles and sighs (because that’s what girls do, right?). The only time a song actually works is when the Bog King sings.

The Bog King can sing, you guys!The Bog King can sing, you guys!Courtesy of Disney

The Upside

There are a few cute characters like the imp, who is sort of a cross between an opossum and a bunny, and the two sidekick goblins serving the Bog King. Sunny, the little dwarf grows on you by the end of the film. The art direction is really beautiful (except for the faces) and there are some heartfelt moments and funny gags. The problem is, they’re so few and far between that it makes you notice the lack even more.

Where can I get one of these adorable creatures?Where can I get one of these adorable creatures?Courtesy of Disney

Wrapping Up

I didn’t go in expecting not to like this film. I love animated movies and I love George Lucas. It just didn’t work. Especially considering the amazing group of animated movies this past year like Big Hero 6 and The LEGO Movie. The imp was adorable, though.

We want to know what you thought of Strange Magic!We want to know what you thought of Strange Magic!Courtesy of Disney

Strange Magic Movie Rating:2

Strange Magic PosterStrange Magic PosterCourtesy of Disney

Strange Magic is in theaters now!