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HOME Movie Review

Reviewed by on Mar 27, 2015
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Aliens invade Earth but aren’t really bad. Hey, putting humans in cheery concentration camp areas is fine, right? It takes one little alien to see the light. Read Kidzworld’s review of “Home”.

By: Lynn Barker

Ever feel like you can’t stop making mistakes? Little Oh the alien (voice of “Big Bang Theory’s” Jim Parsons) can’t seem to make or keep friends as he bumbles through life. When his people invade Earth while trying to hide from a scary enemy race, Oh makes the ultimate mistake; he accidentally tips them on the location!

On the run and trying to blend inOn the run and trying to blend inCourtesy of DreamWorks

Story Goes

Home, which is adapted from Adam Rex's kids book "The True Meaning of Smekday," introduces humans to the Boov, a cute, colorful alien race who, with friendly intentions, invade various planets all over the galaxy while on the run from their scary enemy the Gorg. The little guys are the kings of running away and are led by the cowardly, arrogant Captain Smek (Steve Martin).

Captain Smek (voice of Steve Martin)Captain Smek (voice of Steve Martin)Courtesy of DreamWorks

Little Oh (named for the “Oh, no, it’s him” feeling he instills in everyone he meets), is, unlike his fellow Boovs, friendly and looking for a true home where he can fit in. When he sends a house-warming E-vite to the entire galaxy by mistake, it also goes to the scary Gorg. So much for Earth as a hiding place. Oh, branded a traitor, is on the run. He meets Gratuity “Tip” Tucci (voice of Rihanna), a tween whose mom Lucy (Jennifer Lopez) was captured and relocated to a fun but isolating Human camp when the Boov invaded.

Tip and Oh getting to know each otherTip and Oh getting to know each otherCourtesy of DreamWorks

Looking for mom, Oh, Tip and Tip’s cute cat named Pig set off in a flying car powered by Slushie machines (courtesy of Oh’s advanced automotive conversion skills). Adventures along the way make them bond as a new kind of family and Oh, who is cowardly by nature like the rest of his people, learns to be a hero.

Tip reunited with her momTip reunited with her momCourtesy of DreamWorks

Wrapping Up

Not since E.T. has there been a more “happy” human meets alien movie. Even the bad guy Gorg have a secret warm and fuzzy motivation for chasing the Boov around the galaxy.

Oh's E-vite goes to the enemy!Oh's E-vite goes to the enemy!Courtesy of DreamWorks

Home is very fast-paced but has a ton of heart. It’s sweet, cuddly and harmless but not innovative enough to be a new animated classic. The film boasts a very colorful and creative production design. We love the car that runs on Slushy drinks, love Tip’s Calico cat Pig (named for her curly pig tail) and the film has an enthusiastic and fun lead in the voice of comic genius Jim Parsons as Oh. Rihanna, voicing lead girl Tip, is earnest but not quite the remarkable voice actor that Jim or classic comic Steve Martin (who voices cowardly leader Capt. Smek) is.

A new familyA new familyCourtesy of DreamWorks

The soundtrack and score is fun and includes a ton of tunes from Rihanna so if you are her fan, you’ll be extra happy. Just wanna take family and best buds to eat popcorn, have a Slushie and feel good at a film? Then Home is for you. We go 4 stars.

Tip still thinks of Oh as the invading enemyTip still thinks of Oh as the invading enemyCourtesy of DreamWorks

HOME Movie Rating:4

HOME Movie PosterHOME Movie PosterCourtesy of DreamWorks

HOME is in theaters now!