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HOME Blu-ray Review

Reviewed by on Jul 30, 2015
Rating: 4 Star Rating

DreamWorks’ animated film “Home” is out on Blu-ray and DVD. Should you add this fun alien invasion film to your own home collection?

By: Lynn Barker

Will little Oh the optimistic alien Boov (voice of “Big Bang Theory”’s Jim Parsons) ever fit in? When his race invades Earth to hide from their enemy the Gorg, Oh will finally make friends, save his race, make peace with the Gorg and keep Earth safe.

Little Oh has a standout smileLittle Oh has a standout smileCourtesy of DreamWorks Animation

Story Goes

Home, which is adapted from Adam Rex's kids’ book "The True Meaning of Smekday," introduces humans to the Boov, a cute, colorful alien race who, with friendly intentions, invade various planets all over the galaxy while on the run from their scary enemy the Gorg. The Boov are the kings of running away and are led by the cowardly, arrogant Captain Smek (Steve Martin).

Captain SmekCaptain SmekCourtesy of DreamWorks Animation

Little Oh (named for the “Oh, no, it’s him” feeling he instills in everyone he meets), is friendly and looking for a true home where he can fit in. When he sends a house-warming E-vite to the entire galaxy by mistake, it also goes to the scary Gorg who are then on the way to Earth. Oh, branded a traitor, is on the run. He meets Gratuity “Tip” Tucci (voice of Rihanna), a tween who is searching for her mom Lucy (Jennifer Lopez) who was captured and relocated to a fun but isolating Human camp when the Boov invaded.

Oh and Tip confronted by Boov enforcerOh and Tip confronted by Boov enforcerCourtesy of DreamWorks Animation

Oh, Tip and her cute cat named Pig set off looking for mom in a flying car powered by Slushie machines (courtesy of Oh’s advanced automotive conversion skills). Adventures along the way make them bond as a new kind of family and Oh, who is cowardly by nature like the rest of his people, learns to be a hero.

Oh hope to befriend Tip and cat PigOh hopes to befriend Tip and cat PigCourtesy of DreamWorks Animation

Special Features

We received the “Party Edition” with Blu-ray and DVD. Extras are often short but some are very cute. All set a party atmosphere.

  • In Best Party Ever, we get a variety of party planning tips and essentials voiced by Oh (Jim Parsons) over clips from the film. Cute.
  • Shake Your Boov Thing presents two versions of the Jennifer Lopez music video for “Feel the Light”. One has words on screen so you can sing along. Fun! There is a short dance along as Oh dances in various styles with cat Pig.

Can humans and Boov be friends?Can humans and Boov be friends?Courtesy of DreamWorks Animation
  • Oh’s Party Jukebox offers basically the entire music soundtrack including tunes by Jennifer and Rihanna over clips from the film. You can also select favorite songs rather than listening to the whole thing. Sweet!
  • Oh’s Costume Party is a fun, interactive feature allowing you to choose either Oh or Captain Smek and add various costumes, make-up, hair and accessories. Lots of combinations are offered. Then you can save your creations to the Blu-ray gallery to view later. This was a great feature especially for those into crazy style.
  • This is Being Boov has Oh, giving us a history of the Boov running away and describing how a Boov looks, gets job assignments etc. Quite cute.

Oh and Tip hang on to the Eiffel TowerOh and Tip hang on to the Eiffel TowerCourtesy of DreamWorks Animation
  • Almost Home is an adorable and funny look back at all the planets the Boov explored but did not choose to live on due to Boov-eating creatures, hostile environments etc. Really enjoyed this one.
  • Testing Lab explores Boov testing out earth objects they don’t understand. Of course they misread the use a lot. Plungers, carbonated drinks, etc. are explored.
  • Deleted Scenes are many. Introduced by a DreamWorks filmmaker, we see 25 minutes with four alternate openings in various stages of animation. Really interesting how the movie could have started. There is also a long deleted scene in which Oh and Tip are on the run in the Florida swamps that is fun.
  • Be an Artist is always my favorite feature, especially on DreamWorks home video because you are taught step-by-step how to draw the main characters. It’s a fun and free art class. This time you can draw Oh, Tip and the cat Pig (my fave).
  • You also get a colorful Gallery of art for the film and a very brief Stars of Home centering on the actors talking about their characters and the movie. Jim, Rihanna, Steve Martin (Smek) and Jennifer Lopez (mom Lucy) are included.

Wrapping Up

Home is harmless and good-hearted fun. Comic genius Jim Parsons is excellent as sweet Oh and Steve Martin is great as stupid leader Smek. The story isn’t new but has a couple of good twists and the colorful animation will entertain the eyeballs. Music by Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna is fun to listen and dance to.

Tip and mom Lucy reunitedTip and mom Lucy reunitedCourtesy of DreamWorks Animation

This home entertainment package is loaded with mostly short extras that will entertain.  I especially liked the interactive features like “Oh’s Costume Party” and “Be an Artist”. This one should be in your collection. We go 4 stars.

HOME Blu-ray Rating:4

HOME Blu-ray CoverHOME Blu-ray CoverCourtesy of DreamWorks Animation

HOME is now available on Blu-ray + DVD!