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Top Movies of 2002

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 1 Star Rating

There were lots of flicks in 2002. Kidzworld has selected 5 flicks that we thought rocked and five that... well, didnt. Here are Kidzworlds picks for top 5 best - and worst - movies of 2002. Check it out!

There were lots of flicks in 2002. Some were okay, some were good - and some just plain sucked! But then, there are the ones that were GREAT. You know, the movies of 2002 that will live on in our hearts forever. The ones that made us laugh, the ones that made us cry, the ones... well, you get the picture. Kidzworld has selected 5 flicks that we thought stood above the rest. Some made a ton of cash, while others were hidden gems. Here are our picks for Top 5 Movies of 2002.

#1. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is the continued story of the heroes of The Fellowship of the Ring. This flick is packed full of beautiful scenery, fantastic creatures, hideous monsters and awesome, breath-taking battle scenes. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is a full three hours long. Guess what? It'll still make you wish for more when it's over. It's just that good.

#2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

As sequels go, Kidzworld is very happy to report that Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is even better than the first. The whole wand wavin' gang is back, but what makes this installment fly like a Nimbus gone wild is the introduction of Gildroy Lockhart (played with ultra flair by Kenneth Branagh,) and Dobby the computer-spawned house elf. Muggles everywhere need to catch this flick.

#3. Spider-Man

Watching Spider-Man is like watching a cartoon come to life on the big screen, complete with high-flying battles, super villains and wicked action. Tobey Maguire has all of Spider-Man's wall crawling, webslinging moves down pat and his costume looks totally awesome! If you're a hardcore comic book reader you'll love how closely Spider-Man sticks to the comics.

#4. A Walk to Remember

Mandy Moore sparkled as Jamie Sullivan in A Walk to Remember. Based on a hit book by Nicholas Sparks, Jamie is the preacher's daughter in a small southern town. Landon Carter,(played by Shane West,) is a popular kid and a real jerk. Landon's big thing is that he has no faith in the world - or anything. This movie leaves you with faith (and proof) that it is possible to make a good, mushy yet meaningful teen flick.

#5. Like Mike
Like Mike stars Bow Wow, one of the hottest young rappers on the planet, and the kid proves he's got acting game too! Bow Wow plays an orphan named Calvin Cambridge who loves to play basketball with his buddies and dreams about playin' with the big guys in the NBA. Calvin finds a beat up pair of magic shoes that transform him into an amazing b-ball player. Like Mike is a feel good movie that's bound to get the ball rollin' and up the basketball hype with kids flockin' to the nearest mall to pick up a b-ball.

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