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Fresh Vid: Christian Burghardt ‘Safe Place To Land’

Jun 15, 2015

Christian Burghardt possesses all the qualities a fan of an acoustic-based pop artist could want: a rich, soulful voice with loads of texture; heartfelt, deeply personal lyrics; bright, nimble guitar playing, and a relatable, amiable presence to deliver it all. Veteran writer-producer Dr. Luke saw this clearly when he signed Burghardt to his Sony Music imprint Kemosabe Records in partnership with RCA Records. Now the Portland, Oregon, native is releasing his debut single, “Safe Place To Land,” an uplifting, anthemic song about letting someone know you’ll always be there for them. ,

It was inspired by things falling apart in my former relationship when my music career began to happen and I was traveling a lot,” Burghardt says. “Safe Place To Land’ was basically my desperate attempt to say ‘I’m always going to be the guy you can depend on when things go wrong.’ I really wanted to be the rock in her life, that’s where the emotion in the song stems from.”

Christian Burghardt "€˜Safe Place To Land"

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