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Dash & Dot the Coding Robots!

Jun 24, 2015

Meet Dash and Dot.  They’re robots, and with your help, they can do a lot of different things.

Using a Tablet or iPad and a library of four free Apps (Go, Path, Xyclo, Blockly), you can create code and actually program Dash and Dot’s actions. But don’t worry if you’ve never tried Coding before – the Apps will help you learn how to communicate with the robots and tell them what to do.

Dash and DotDash and Dot

Dash is the ‘on wheels’ adventurer. Using the Apps, Dash can be turned into a stealthy spy, patrolling your hallway. Or a Robot Rockstar, complete with dance moves, head swivels, and eye blinks -  you can even record your own custom sounds for Dash to make.

Dot may not have wheels like Dash, but experimenting with the Blockly App, you can drag and drop commands and create programs that transform this one-eyed robot into anything you can imagine – an automaton alarm clock? A Magic 8-ball Machine? Dot can even be used as a “Night Watchbot”  -  program Dot to make a noise and blink it’s lights when moved, alerting you to an intruder in your room!

Dash and Dot, from Wonder WorkshopDash and Dot, from Wonder Workshop

Dash and Dot also have LEGO Brick Connectors, so that you can customize their look and abilities – create a special helmet for Dot to wear, or fashion Dash with a LEGO platform to transport your prized possessions via robot convoy.

Dash & Dot even have their own YouTube show – "The Dash & Dot Show". In each episode, the dynamic duo joins human cohorts, Mimi and Wally to undertake new missions and activities. Last month, Dash & Dot starred in their own robot rock band, The Algorythmics. This week’s show is themed ‘Dot Strikes Back.’ Dot turns evil, and transforms Wally and Mimi into robots. Will Dash be able to restore Wally and Mimi, and halt Dot’s evil plans to overthrow the house? Tune in to find out! You can always check out Dash & Dot’s latest news and ideas for cool projects at the Wonder Workshop website, www.makewonder.com

Dash and Dot Show Stars Wally and MimiDash and Dot Show Stars Wally and Mimi

"The Dash & Dot Show" Episiode 5



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