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Ant-Man Movie Review

Reviewed by on Jun 17, 2015
Rating: 4 Star Rating

One of the smallest Avengers has finally joined the force! Will you and BFFs really love Marvel’s Ant-Man or get the creepy crawlies? Find out in Kidzworlds movie review!

By: Lynn Barker

Family man/cat burglar Scott Lang tried to take down an evil corporation and got arrested and sent to prison. Now he can’t even keep a job at a Baskin-Robbins ice cream store. How can this well-intentioned but unlucky dude become a superhero?

Scott discovers the Ant-Man suitScott discovers the Ant-Man suitCourtesy of Marvel

Story Goes

We meet Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) the day he gets out of prison. A likable family man with an electronics degree but a long “cat burglar” rap sheet, he wants to keep a job so he can visit his young daughter Cassie (Scott and Cassie’s mom are divorced). After being fired from ice cream store Baskin Robbins, Scott falls in with his old cell-mate Luis (a hilarious Michael Pena).

Ant-Man Scott with his daughterAnt-Man Scott with his daughterCourtesy of Marvel

Luis and pals have a burglary at a rich scientist’s home planned and need Scott for the job. Scott succeeds but inside the man’s safe is only a weird suit and some strange liquid in jars. Huh? The heist leads to Scott meeting the rich scientist Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), inventor of the “Pym Particle” which reduces the distance between atoms. It allows a human to shrink to ant size while keeping his or her big person strength.

Hank Pym (Michael Douglas)Hank Pym (Michael Douglas)Courtesy of Marvel

Hank needs Scott to become Ant-Man and steal back his formula from Hank’s now evil protégé Dr. Cross (Corey Stoll of TV’s “The Strain”) who has used it to create Yellow Jacket suits for a tiny army which he wants to sell to the Avengers’ major enemy HYDRA. It’s up to Scott, buddy Luis and pals and Pym’s estranged daughter Hope (Evangeline Lilly) who is working with Cross, to save the formula and keep a tiny army from falling into the baddies’ hands.

Hope, Scott and Hank plan an attackHope, Scott and Hank plan an attackCourtesy of Marvel

Wrapping Up

I’d call Ant-Man funny, charming and sweet but it still kicks butt!  It’s really entertaining for all ages. There have been many movies and TV shows about tiny people in giant worlds. The idea of an ant-sized superhero might seem silly but, in this film, it works and the micro-worlds Ant-Man inhabits are really beautifully-shot and edited (as Ant-Man pops from full-sized to tiny again and again).

Ant-Man concept artAnt-Man concept artCourtesy of Marvel

The film is a little too long and short in story in that it is yet another hero origin film and basically a heist movie. Ant-Man is saved not only by some cool tiny world effects but by some great performances especially by Paul Rudd as the title character. Rudd delivers Iron-Man/Tony Stark wit and charm without the arrogance and occasional cruelty, and Evangeline Lilly really scores as a sleek, brave and smart heroine. Michael Douglas delivers as the strong yet sometimes fragile scientist Hank Pym.  Actor Michael Pena is hilarious as Luis, a non-stop-talking crime pal of Scott’s who seems bumbling but means well and actually delivers in a crisis. When he whistles “It’s a Small World” while participating in an Ant-Man heist, it’s priceless. Best comic relief character and delivery I’ve seen in ages. Baddie Cross, as played by Corey Stoll, is almost tooo evil as he experiments with adorable, live lambs.. Let’s really GET this jerk!

Scott's pal Luis (Michael Pena)Scott's pal Luis (Michael Pena)Courtesy of Marvel

Ants are just cool!  This movie drives that home. They can work together beautifully, lift many times their weight etc. There is a flying one Ant-Man names Antony and a large one eventually kept as a pet by Ant-Man’s daughter. Makes us all want to treat them with respect.

Hank Pym and CrossHank Pym and CrossCourtesy of Marvel

From now on when Avengers assemble, they will have to look down to find their micro-small new member.  As usual with Marvel films, stay through the credits for two scenes; one which will reveal the future of Hope Pym and another that cements Ant-Man as a future helpful Avenger.  We go 4 stars.

Ant-man on flying AntonyAnt-man on flying AntonyCourtesy of Marvel

Ant-Man Movie Rating:4

Ant-Man PosterAnt-Man PosterCourtesy of Marvel

Ant-Man is in theaters now!