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Top 10 Study Tips

Sep 09, 2016

Having a hard time hitting the books? Studying doesn't have to feel like a grind, with a few helpful study tips you'll be aceing your homework in no time!

10. Healthy Heart, Healthy Brain

Getting even a little exercise can help you focus even better when it's time to sit down and study. Feeling antsy every time you need to do homework? Try taking a run before you get down to the books, studies show that even just a half hour of exercise can boost your overall brain activity.

Use these study tips to get ahead on homework.Use these study tips to get ahead on homework.

9. Forget the Net

Buzz! Ping! Flash! There's a million distractions at your fingertips online. Sometimes our phones and computers can help us study, but they can also often get in the way of really concentrating. Try leaving your phone in your bag or another room and turning away from the computer as much as possible.

8. Study Buddies

Study groups don't always work, but for some people they're the best way to really learn. Either way, it's good to have a friend or study buddy who you can call when you run into roadblocks - two heads can be better than one!

7. Quiz Time

Quizzing yourself is a great way to find out if the information you've been committing to memory is really in there (this is an especially good idea when studying for tests, you'll be used to having the pressure on.) Use flash cards or friends and family.

6. Loud and Proud

Some studies show that we're more likely to remember things if we've heard it or said it out loud. It may feel a little silly to read your homework aloud, but it's means that you're getting the information two ways: seeing AND hearing. Just make sure you're not shouting in the library!

Can't solve a problem? Try another subject.Can't solve a problem? Try another subject.Courtesy of Flickr/Steven S

5. On the Move

Have you ever studied long and hard at home and then forgotten when you got to school? Changing up your study location can help you remember things in different ways, and different places. Try switching it up from the library to your room to a coffee shop.

4. Mix it Up!

Instead of doing just one subject, try studying more than one in a night, it can help develop problem solving skills, and give your brain a break on a subject when you're running into a wall.

3. Time Out

Breathe. Space Out. Meditate. Take Breaks. Research shows that taking lots of small breaks is actually really good for studying, so make sure you give yourself a time out now and then!

Remember to take breaksRemember to take breaks

2. Small Rewards

Remember to treat yourself when you're studying! You can use rewards like having a cookie, checking your Facebook or listening to that song you're obsessed with when you finish a task - knowing you have a reward coming can help you finish that last problem or read the last pages.

1. The Write Stuff

It may sound pretty basic, but nothing beats writing it out. Studies have shown we remember stuff better when it's written out rather than typed, so creating notes by hand is still your best bet for success.

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