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The Deer God Game Review

Reviewed by on Oct 06, 2015
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Theres so much to like about The Deer God but repetitive levels and half-baked quests hold it back from godly status. Read Kidzworlds full review here!

There is a lot to like about The Deer God and when first booting up the game, it's easy to be impressed right off the bat. The wonderful art style is always easy on the eyes and the audio is soothing. But an hour into the game, a certain level of deja-vu starts to set in.

Intriguing Beginnings 

Bosses to best can be found underground!Bosses to best can be found underground!Courtesy of Crescent Moon Games

You begin the game as a human hunter in the woods. You're out for that perfect, trophy kill and you spot it. Taking aim, you inhale a final breathe then fire but just as you do, a wolf attacks you from your blind side. Your shot fires true, killing the deer but you are also killed in the process. After a word or two with a deer spirit, you yourself are then reincarnated as a fawn and it is here where the game truly begins.

As a new fawn, you'll run and bounce your way through a procedurally generated world. Completing simple quests, defeating bosses and ultimately, keeping yourself alive against the dangers ahead. It's an interesting set-up that had me intrigued.

Let Me Just Stare A Little

Right off the bat, the environments really steal the show in The Deer God. Imagine a world like Minecraft, seen only from the side and now throw in pretty, dynamic lighting with a full day/night cycle. I caught myself countless times just watching the shadows creep across world as the sun set and the moon took its place.

Real-time lighting casts great shadows.Real-time lighting casts great shadows.Courtesy of Crescent Moon Games

What adds to the beautiful visuals is a soothing and at times almost hypnotic soundtrack. Catchy, smooth beats drift in and out and are constantly flowing through the ears.

Combine the impressive looks and atmospheric music with some smooth gameplay and you've got a recipe for success... right?

Not So Godly

Unfortunately, the level design and the quests themselves aren't as inspiring as the visual and audio. Remember I mentioned procedurally generated levels? I love it when worlds are built this way, creating something new to explore constantly. The issue with The Deer God's implementation is that there is very little variety in what is constructed. In the span of doing one quest, which could be potentially finished in minutes, you'll cross entire sections of levels that look nearly identical to a section you just passed. A sense of  "Have I been here?" is constantly popping up which brings a feeling of repetition way too early on. 

Explore various, gorgeous environments.Explore various, gorgeous environments.Courtesy of Crescent Moon Games

The quests themselves feel meaningless outside of opening the next area for you to explore and they are beyond mundane. Find a man's monocle or find a certain plant someone else. Often times the object in question only a couple jumps away. There's no real sense of accomplishment to quests, nor do they feel like they impact the world.

Back To The Light!

It's not all a loss when playing though. The controls are smooth, tight and easy to understand and the few bosses I came across were enjoyable diversions. Despite the repetitious world layouts I had fun running around, exploring, and growing my fawn into a strong adult deer as well. The Deer God is part survival game, so you'll spend a chunk of time making sure your deer is fed and uninjured. The more longer you play, the older your deer gets and you can can even mate with female deer to create new fawns which act as re-spawn points. Unlocking powers, like being able to shoot fire from your antlers is also part of The Deer God's charm.

A deer on a whale? Sure, why not!A deer on a whale? Sure, why not!Courtesy of Crescent Moon Games

Final Thoughts

The Deer God is a tricky one to recommend. I actually quite enjoyed my time with it but it's not without its faults, which are clear as day and the whole game can be completed in about 3 hours. If you're looking for a simple and tranquil experience and your cool with style (if repetitive) over substance. The Deer God may be worth checking out if you can find it for a bargain.

The Deer God: Game Rating:3

Available on: Steam, iOS, Android, Xbox One and coming soon for Wii U

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