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The Last Witch Hunter Movie Review

Reviewed by on Oct 23, 2015
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Kidzworld reviews the new Vin Diesel action/fantasy film The Last Witch Hunter which co-stars Elijah Wood. Is the movie a good choice for Halloween-time filmgoing?

By: Lynn Barker

In The Last Witch Hunter, well-loved action actor Vin Diesel plays an 800-year-old man who lost his wife and children to the Black Plague way back in Middle Ages times. Then, when he tried to get even with the witch who created the black death, she cursed him to live forever…..alone and sad. It sucks to be an ancient dude! Can witch hunter Vin ever get even?

Modern Kaulder sees the witch's work in our world. Modern Kaulder sees the witch's work in our world.Courtesy of Lionsgate

Way Back When

In 800-years-ago, backstory action, we meet Kaulder (Vin Diesel). He sports a weird hairdo (yes, Vin has hair!) and kicks witch butt with a flaming sword. Seems Kaulder’s family and half the human population was killed by the plague created by a Witch Queen. Kaulder and a few minions attack the plague tree where Kaulder kills the queen (supposedly) but she curses him with immortality; to live forever alone without his family. Bummer.

Vin as Kaulder dispatches a demonVin as Kaulder dispatches a demonCourtesy of Lionsgate

Present Day

Kaulder is now an official witch hunter working with a secret society called the Axe and Cross to keep modern witches in line to make sure they observe a truce with Mankind. First gig is stopping a clueless teen warlock who is using weather runes incorrectly and causing one heck of a massive storm. Fixing that problem, Kaulder goes back to his cool NYC apartment in his hot car to hang with his trusty pal and guardian priest the 36th Dolan (Sir Michael Caine). The Dolan is about to retire and let a newbie priest, the 37th Dolan (Frodo himself, Elijah Wood) take his place.

Michael Caine as the 36th DolanMichael Caine as the 36th DolanCourtesy of Lionsgate

The new Dolan (Elijah Wood)The new Dolan (Elijah Wood)Courtesy of Lionsgate

The Last Witch Hunter Trailer


Enter the Baddies

Before he is tortured and cursed, the 36th Dolan leaves a coded message telling Kaulder that he should look for answers in his own “death” or when the witch cursed him. To do this and revive the Dolan who will officially die in a couple of days, Kaulder needs to go into a dream state that can only be entered with a magic potion. To get it, Kaulder visits a cool witch bar run by good witch Chloe (“Game of Thrones” Rose Leslie). Evil ancient warlock Belial burns the place down to prevent Kaulder from getting any potion or info from his past. A visit to another bunch of weird witches also doesn’t yield the potion.

The creepy woodland Witch QueenThe creepy woodland Witch QueenCourtesy of Lionsgate

Red-haired witch ChloeRed-haired witch ChloeCourtesy of Lionsgate


Turns out that Chloe is a “Dreamwalker” who, without any potion, can enter people’s visions of the past to help or harm them. With her help, Kaulder will learn something that happened when he was cursed that he didn’t notice before. Lots of witches and demons want to keep him from figuring this out and the Witch Queen, still with us, is ready to free all the witches imprisoned in a weird labyrinth under Manhattan and loose another plague on present-day Mankind.  Will Chloe and Kaulder succeed in stopping her with the help of the younger Dolan or will things take an unexpected turn for the worse?

Kaulder with witch ChloeKaulder with witch ChloeCourtesy of Lionsgate

Wrapping Up

The Last Witch Hunter is an eye-full all right. The film may be packed with too many demons, bizarre creatures, weird killer roots etc. visual effects to process.  There is certainly too much of everything in the witches’ brew plot. The characters and complicated story really seem to come from or cry out for a graphic novel presentation.

Ancient Kaulder in the woodsAncient Kaulder in the woodsCourtesy of Lionsgate

As usual Vin isn’t going to win any acting awards but does he kick butt against weird, powerful foes? You bet! If you are a huge Vin Diesel fan, no amount of warning could keep you from checking out the film. It is set up to launch a film series starring witch hunter Kaulder and his side-kick, young dreamwalker witch Chloe but there isn’t enough chemistry between the two actors to carry out such an ambitious plan. We were sufficiently creeped out or visually entertained to go 3 stars.

The new Dolan and Kaulder at a murder sceneThe new Dolan and Kaulder at a murder sceneCourtesy of Lionsgate

The Last Witch Hunter Movie Rating:3

The Last Witch Hunter Movie PosterThe Last Witch Hunter Movie PosterCourtesy of Lionsgate

The Last Witch Hunter is in theaters now!

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