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Best Kids Adventure Movies

Jan 13, 2016

From Lion King to The LEGO Movie, adventure films have always been extremely popular with kids. In honor of the exciting family film NORM OF THE NORTH, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite kid movies featuring entertaining and inspiring journeys. Starting the list off, of course, is our favorite new adventure tale - NORM OF THE NORTH

Norm of the North

We are so excited about the upcoming film – NORM OF THE NORTH! Based in the arctic, Norm feels like a stranger in his own home. Not only is he the only bear who can stand on two legs, but he can also interact with humans! Using his special gift (and his awesome dance moves) Norm must head to New York City to stop plans that will devastate his home. This funny film, set to hit theaters on January 15th, is definitely a must-see!

Norm and the LemmingsNorm and the LemmingsCourtesy of Lionsgate

Norm Of The North “Interview With Norm”


The Lion King

Never has an adaption of one of Shakespeare’s finest plays (Hamlet) been so universally loved and adored. However, the story of a young cub’s journey to become King has captured the hearts and minds of children for years. The film will make you laugh, cry, and dance (don’t lie, you know the words to “Hakuna Matata”). With a hero like Simba, a villain like Scar, and friends like Timon & Pumba, it’s no wonder this film is still considered one of the best animated films of all time.

Simba with Timon and PumbaaSimba with Timon and PumbaaCourtesy of Disney Enterprises, Inc.

The LEGO Movie

Who would’ve thought a film about Legos would be as epic as this?! The 2014 surprise hit The LEGO Movie was a full on adventure ride, featuring an A-list cast and a heartwarming story about embracing your individuality and being different. And come on – they have a song called “Everything is AWESOME!!!” How can you not love that?!

The LEGO MovieThe LEGO MovieCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Finding Nemo

What do you get when you put together an adventurous little fish, his over protective father, some chill sea turtles, and a blue fish with a memory problem? An absolute heart-warming adventure! Pixar’s Finding Nemo was not only a huge hit with kids, but with parents as well! And you won’t have to wait to see the characters again – the sequel comes out in June!

Nemo and DoryNemo and DoryCourtesy of Buena Vista Pictures


2001’s Shrek took classic fairy tales that we knew and loved and gave it a big twist. Instead of rooting for a handsome prince, we ended up cheering for grumpy ogre Shrek, as he tried to save his home from the evil Lord Farquaad. This unusual story not only had amazing characters, but it also taught us that only we can make our own happily ever after.

Loveable green ogre, ShrekLoveable green ogre, ShrekCourtesy of DreamWorks

Shaun The Sheep

What happens when you take a bunch of cute, fluffy sheep and put them in the Big City? Complete pandemonium! This lighthearted film tells the story of Shaun and his friends as they try to make their way back home to the farm. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh and feel all warm inside!

Shaun, Bitzer and dog SlipShaun, Bitzer and dog SlipCourtesy of Lionsgate


When an elderly widow takes a life-changing trip with a happy-go-lucky boy scout, he soon finds a new lease on life. This adorable story about an unconventional duo (followed by a talking dog), is the perfect film for young and old. Not only is it visually stunning, but it also shows that you’re never too old to chase your dreams.

Carl and Russell Carl and Russell Courtesy of Disney/Pixar

Norm of the North Trailer


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