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Zoolander No. 2 Movie Review

Reviewed by on Feb 12, 2016
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Kidzworld checked out the funny movie Zoolander No. 2. This time, male model Derek Zoolander is fighting for his career and his son. Old buddy/nemesis model Hansel is by his side. Read the review.

By: Lynn Barker

In Zoolander No. 2, hot model Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) has quit the fashion biz and has been in hiding since his wife was killed in the collapse of a building Derek had dedicated to kids who “don’t read good”. His rival Hansel (Owen Wilson) has also gone AWOL hiding in the Moroccan desert with his free-loving commune. What will bring these guys back to the world and themselves?

Hansel, Zoolander and Valentina confront MugatuHansel, Zoolander and Valentina confront MugatuCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Off the Grid

Like in the first movie, actor Billy Zane (he played the baddie Cal in Titanic) is buddies with male model superstars Zoolander and Hansel. When major fashion icon Alexanya Atoz (Kristen Wiig in bizarre make-up) invites both to come to Rome for a fashion show and party, Billy tracks them down finding Zoolander in the wilds of upper New York state and Hansel living and hooking up with a whole commune of lovers in Morocco. Zoolander will do the show because he hopes having a real job again will get child services to give his son Derek Jr. (Cyrus Arnold) back. Hansel comes because he has gotten his entire commune pregnant and isn’t ready to be a dad!

Weird fashion personalities Alexanya and MugatuWeird fashion personalities Alexanya and MugatuCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

In Rome

Zoolander finds his son and, at first doesn’t accept him because he’s fat. Zoolander and Hansel make an uneasy peace and Interpol (Fashion Division) agent Valentina (Penelope Cruz) needs their help in finding the killer of several pop stars (Justin Bieber among them) who take bizarre posed selfies with their last breaths. Their “look” is a Zoolander trademark.

Justin Bieber's last selfieJustin Bieber's last selfieCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Zoolander, agent Valentina and Hansel at Interpol headquartersZoolander, agent Valentina and Hansel at Interpol headquartersCourtesy of Paramount Pictures


Fashion weirdo Mugatu (Will Ferrell) has been in an isolated prison since he was convicted of killing a Malaysian government official in the last movie. He uses a lame-brained Zoolander to break out. 

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

The Big Fashion Ball

Turns out that Derek’s son is kidnapped as a sacrifice by Mugatu and all the famous fashion designers in the world who don’t want Zoolander and his offspring to control the fashion industry with their “Blue Steel” and “Magnum” signature “looks” (they can throw these looks from stage and literally make objects stop and be controlled. It’s evidently genetic). At the “Incrediball”, Mugatu and the designers secretly meet underground to sacrifice Derek Jr. but it’s Zoolander, Hansel and Valentina to the rescue.  Will Derek Jr. be saved? Will Mugatu destroy Zoolander’s hopes of a life with his son (and having Valentina as his girlfriend)? Will Zoolander and Hansel ever be successful again and top models? 

Zoolander and Hansel walk the runway againZoolander and Hansel walk the runway againCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Zoolander No. 2 Trailer

** PG-13**


Wrapping Up

Seems like, for Zoolander No. 2, Ben Stiller decided to ask everybody in Hollywood and the fashion industry if they wanted to be in his movie and they all said “you betcha!”. This film has more famous people cameos than I’ve ever seen in any movie. Everybody from Justin Bieber to fashion designers Tommy Hilfigger and Valentino and singer Katy Perry pop up in odd places. Okay, this is funny..on and off and rather than pay attention to the wacky, disjointed story, you find yourself waiting and watching for the next celeb to make an appearance. I guess that alone can be entertaining.  

Hansel and Zoolander in RomeHansel and Zoolander in RomeCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Silly/funny are Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell who break out bizarre characters that seem like they came from an old “Saturday Night Live” skit. Most of the jokes are on the ridiculous and some crude side and some just fall flat. For example Keifer Sutherland plays one of Hansel’s boyfriends who is supposed to be pregnant (Huh??).

Derek Zoolander Jr. meets his dadDerek Zoolander Jr. meets his dadCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Those teens and tweens who might have seen the first Zoolander movie on TV or home video will probably “get” the movie better than newbies. The Zoolander and Hansel characters are kind of endearingly dumb but a little of that goes a long way. I don’t care for the fact that an overweight kid is made fun of (although he ends up a winner).

Zoolander contacts Hansel on his mini-phoneZoolander contacts Hansel on his mini-phoneCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Is Zoolander No. 2 funny? Sometimes. It’s also kind of gross and raunchy so make your film going choice accordingly. We go 3 stars. 

On set with Ben Stiller directingOn set with Ben Stiller directingCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Zoolander No. 2 Movie Rating:3

Zoolander No. 2 PosterZoolander No. 2 PosterCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Zoolander No. 2 is in theaters now!

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