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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie Review

Reviewed by on Mar 24, 2016
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Kidzworld saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Is the bout of the century worth the wait? Will you really care what happens to either superhero? Check out our review.

First fight as a trioFirst fight as a trioCourtesy of Warner Bros.

By: Lynn Barker

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, wearing a weird outfit and trying to right the wrongs of the world can get really heavy. Supe just seems to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and get blamed for disaster. Batman isn’t thrilled with the collateral damage this Kryptonian causes. Awww, can’t we just be friends?

Superman tells Batman to back offSuperman tells Batman to back offCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Leaving a Mess

After the humungous fight Superman (Henry Cavill)  waged against General Zod (in the Man of Steel film), Metropolis is pretty flattened. Although some humans still practically worship him, the superhero also keeps getting blamed for the world’s ills. First in line to put him down is nearby Gotham’s Bruce Wayne aka Batman (Ben Affleck). He thinks this Kryptonian is more a menace than a God-like Messiah. With his immense power, Superman, unchecked, is more a threat to Mankind than a help.

Bruce Wayne with Alfred in the batcaveBruce Wayne with Alfred in the batcaveCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Villain in the Mix

Wacko rich young industrialist Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) would like to rule a world without either superhero so why not pit them against each other? He works behind the scenes to feed each man’s weaknesses and guide them toward the ultimate confrontation. Despite Batman’s efforts to prevent him, Luthor is able to possess a huge Kryptonite chunk and, using it to create the ultimate anti-Superman monster, will he be able to crush the Man of Steel once and for all? Will Batman aid him in doing so or see a better way?

Lex Luthor with his kryptonite chunkLex Luthor with his kryptonite chunkCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Lex Luthor threatens Lois LaneLex Luthor threatens Lois LaneCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Ladies in the Mix

Superman and Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane (Amy Adams) are still an item and share an intense love. Poor Lois becomes a pawn in Luthor’s game to control Superman. Will she be able to help her man survive or be an instrument of his destruction? And, hey, who is that hot babe Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman played by Gal Godot) at all the Gotham social events? Bruce Wayne has gotta find out. She keeps stealing the same things he is after. Will she show up later to help him or hinder his anti-Superman efforts? 

Mankind worships SupermanMankind worships SupermanCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Bruce meets Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)Bruce meets Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer


Wrapping Up

Too long and so packed with dark, ultra-fast-moving action that you can’t catch your breath or get a good look at the Batmobile, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice boasts a convoluted, illogical, hole-filled story that should be more personal, full of heart and true emotion but is mostly heartless and deeply grim. Since we know that Batman and Superman will be part of The Justice League in later films, the fact that their fight doesn’t keep going isn’t a spoiler. After horrifically violent bouts between the two superheroes, the decision to chuck the personal fight and get along happens too quickly and plays like two mama’s boys bonding. And where is the comic relief? There are maybe two jokes, pretty lame ones, in the whole film. For example, when Wonder Woman finally shows up and we hear “Is she with you?”  “I thought she was with you”. 

Batman with the batmobileBatman with the batmobileCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman’s part seems tacked on just to introduce her for later Justice League films and she looks like Xena Warrior Princess. Where is any trace of red, white and blue? I love Jeremy Irons but he is so sad and cynical as Alfred that we feel as tired as he does of looking after Bruce Wayne. Amy Adams has her emotional moments but how many times can Lois Lane be rescued? She’s a tough journalist. Can’t she kick some butt more often?

Dawn of the Justice LeagueDawn of the Justice LeagueCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Okay, it’s a popcorn movie. If you just like cool CGI visuals and lots of rough fight action or seeing two of your fave comic book heroes duke it out, you will like the film despite its many flaws. We go three stars. 

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie Rating:3

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice PosterBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice PosterCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theaters now!


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