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Symbols of Luck

March 17, 2016

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Luck is one of the most mysterious concepts in our lives; some people seem to have it, while others don't. How can we explain why some days everything seems to go right, while on others it feels like nothing is working out. Looking for a little luck in your life? Maybe one of these lucky symbols will mean something to you! 

A horseshoe has long been thought to be good luck. A horseshoe has long been thought to be good luck. Courtesy of Man Vyi


  • A horseshoe is a classic symbol of luck, perhaps because horseshoes have classically been made of iron (a lucky metal said to ward off evil) and held in place on the horse with seven nails (thought to be the luckiest number). Some people hang horseshoes in their homes to increase luck! 
  • According to some aboriginal cultures, dream catchers are considered lucky. It's said that dream catchers grab the negative images and feelings from dreams, so that your sleep will be peaceful. 
  • Some people consider a rabbit's foot to be a lucky charm. There can be lots of conditions to this luck, though! Some superstitions say that the rabbit must be captured or killed in a cemetery on a full moon. To be honest, I'm not so sure about this one! 

A dream catcher brings luck and is a beautiful addition to your home. A dream catcher brings luck and is a beautiful addition to your home. Courtesy of native-net.com

Insects and Animals

  • It's said by some that having a ladybug land on you is particularly good luck. The ladybug is supposed to take away your worries, and make you more patient with those around you (at least for a day). 
  • Elephants are good luck in both Chinese and Indian cultures. Placing an elephant figurine in your home, especially on a shelf or by a doorway, is said to encourage long life and strength. Some believe that a wooden figurine is the most lucky of all. 
  • For ancient Egyptians and Greeks, frogs were considered important good luck symbols. They were thought to represent fertility and health, and were considered a protective force for newborns and children. 

Next time you might be happy to have a ladybug land on you!Next time you might be happy to have a ladybug land on you!Courtesy of kids.nationalgeographic.com


  • Rainbows are thought by many to be good luck, perhaps because of how stunning they are! According to Irish legend, if you can reach a rainbow's end you will find a leprechaun's hidden pot of gold. Good luck finding it, though!
  • According to traditional folk beliefs, eggs are considered good luck, because they represent fertility and rebirth. Eggs were often used in pagan rituals and ceremonies to bring good weather and encourage a good year for farming. 
  • Certain kinds of bamboo are considered lucky in Chinese culture. In particular, lucky bamboo is a type of bamboo that can grow from just water. It's often given as gifts to increase prosperity. 

Lucky bamboo is a great gift!Lucky bamboo is a great gift!Courtesy of givingplants.com

As you can see, ideals of luck vary a lot around the world, but the mystery of what luck really is remains. Don't forget, though, that despite all of humanity's superstitions, in a lot of situations we can be said to make our own luck! 

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