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Quantum Break Xbox One Game Review

Reviewed by on Apr 01, 2016
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Time is your weapon in the stunning action game Quantum Break for Xbox One and PC. Check out Kidzworlds review right here.

Quantum Break marks a bold step for developers Remedy Entertainment. An at times stunning action game blended with a thrilling live action TV inspired show to create a new form of hybrid entertainment. While it never truly feels revolutionary as Remedy and Microsoft have touted leading up to launch it certainly offers a unique and satisfying experience for those willing to go along for the ride.

Quantum Break Video Review (Xbox One)


Time Is Your Weapon

Quantum Break's 5 acts of gameplay put you in the role of Jack Joyce as he returns home to help his old friend Paul Serene in a time of need. It's mere hours after he arrives that he's thrust into a thrilling race for survival when a time machine experiment goes wrong and fractures time, potentially leading to the end of life as we know it. Jack survives the initial time breaking event and comes out a changed man, imbued with incredible time manipulating powers.

Remedy are known for creating great action experiences and their latest effort shines in that department. Jack's new abilities really empower players. Time Vision allows you to easily see interactive objects in the environment. Time Stop creates a bubble to trap enemies in time so you can fire a full clip of ammo into them with explosive results. Teleport short distances with Time Dodge which opens up great flanking opportunities and Time Shield gives you a brief safe haven from gunfire to catch your breath. Then there is Time Blast which is a focused attack, acting similar to a grenade. And last but not least is Time Rush. This power allows you to run through an environment at super speed and throw some heavy melee attack on unsuspecting enemies.

Use Time Shield to avoid oncoming bullets.Use Time Shield to avoid oncoming bullets.

Things really get exciting when you start stacking these abilities in the heat of battle. Each ability has its own cool down timer, allowing a constant stream of impressive moments and you will be impressed. Quantum Break features some of the most insane on-screen effects heavy action I have ever seen. My jaw was constantly on the floor as chaos unfolded and without a hint of unintentional slow down.

The key to success in Quantum Break is to always keep moving and make use of your powers more so than hiding behind cover constantly. Some enemies are outfitted with equipment that grants them similar abilities to Jack which keeps you on your toes. I would have liked to see a little more enemy variety but what's here makes sense in the world built.

Time stutters freeze the whole world around you.Time stutters freeze the whole world around you.

Helping to create some great environments to house the action are massive time stutters which cause the world to pause, rewind and move forward again. Occasionally you'll need to use Jack's powers to pass dangerous obstacles caused by these stutters. It's puzzle solving in its lightest form.   

A simple upgrade system to the powers is available but it would have been nice to have Jack's abilities grow deeper in a way that was more directly tied to the story. Instead Jack harnesses all his powers quickly which can make the action a little repetitive as you near the final moments. It's easy to forgive when the action is so satisfying though.

Upgrade your powers by finding chronon sources.Upgrade your powers by finding chronon sources.

Story Time

While gameplay is from Jack Joyce's perspective. The 4 TV inspired episodes peppered throughout the experience are seen from the perspective of those covering up the catastrophic time breaking event. The powerful Monarch Corporation. If you were concerned that the live action stuff would fall flat rest assured the production quality is quite high and features a cast more than capable of breathing life into proceedings. Some of the more interesting story and character moments happen during the live action segments.

Quantum Break is part game and part TV show.Quantum Break is part game and part TV show.

At certain times throughout the game, you encounter Junction Points which are essentially forks in the road. You are presented with two choices at each Junction Point. Which choice you make shapes what happens next in both the game and the live action episodes adding some welcomed replay value. A few interesting alterations do occur but none that changes the final outcome in dramatic ways.

Quantum Break pushes a lot of particles on screen at once.Quantum Break pushes a lot of particles on screen at once.

Remedy are solid story tellers but there are definitely a few head scratching moments. Jack goes from thoughtful every day man to gun toting hero with with no remorse for killing in the blink of an eye. There isn't much of a natural progression or arc to his character. Luckily the surrounding cast fills in those beats in a more satisfying way. A couple small threads introduced early in the story are never fully realized either. One involving an intriguing threat that never comes to fruition. With a heavy focus on narrative with so many twists, turns and revelations It's best to have little spoiled. That said for the most part I really enjoyed the story at play here.

The live action episodes can either be streamed or downloaded on Xbox One. I streamed them and they ran well with only minor buffering hiccups here and there.

Use Time Dash to dart across environments quickly.Use Time Dash to dart across environments quickly.

Digging Deeper

For those that want to dive even deeper into the characters and world of Quantum Break. Dozens upon dozens of emails and other forms of communication are available to dissect. Additional information is scattered all over the world of Quantum Break and you are encouraged by Remedy to seek it out. While I certainly enjoyed that aspect it often times feels at odds with the story itself. When you are literally racing against time to save the world. Would you really want to take precious time to explore environments, searching every nook and cranny for enlightening but unnecessary details? I think not.

There are documents to find and easter eggs scattered all over the world.There are documents to find and easter eggs scattered all over the world.

Final Thoughts

While not the ground breaking experience it promised. Quantum Break is still one heck of an impressive package. The action is tight, responsive and at times gloriously hectic and the implementation of the TV inspired live action segments work surprisingly well.

Quantum Break is available for Xbox One and PC on April 5 2016.Quantum Break is available for Xbox One and PC on April 5 2016.Courtesy of Microsoft


  • Ambitious and entertaining storytelling
  • Beautiful visuals
  • Fun & exciting gameplay


  • A couple unfulfilled story beats
  • Action can be a little  repetitive

Quantum Break Xbox One Game Rating:4

Available for Xbox One and PC

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