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Captain America: Civil War | Team Cap Interview

Mar 03, 2016

By: Lynn Barker

When Captain America rejects government control in Captain America: Civil War, he forces some of the old and new Avengers to take sides. Two of those siding with him are Scarlet Witch and Ant-Man who is totally fanboy, geeking out about being a new Avenger. Turns out Paul Rudd is too! Check out what actors Chris Evans, Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Rudd had to say about the film and their feelings making it. Is there a kiss between Cap and Scarlet Witch?

Ant-Man with team CapScarlet Witch and Ant-Man with team CapCourtesy of Marvel

Q: Chris, everyone in the film is so represented and balanced, do you feel an even bigger responsibility when the first two words of the title are “Captain America?”

  • Chris: There’s pressure. But I don’t think it’s anywhere near the pressure that people like the Russos (the directors) and Marvel feel. Movies live and die based on directors and the producers. We’ve all seen phenomenal actors and great scripts that still didn’t come to fruition in a good way. You could have all the other pieces in place but unless you have quality storytellers, you may fall on your face.

Cap thinks about his futureCap thinks about his futureCourtesy of Marvel

Q: What character would you like to challenge to a battle?

  • Chris:  I’d probably want to aim low. You don’t want to fight Vision because he’s going to destroy you. If I wanted to survive, I’d take on Black Widow, because she’s human. But from my character’s standpoint, probably Iron Man because our characters obviously have the most friction.

Captain America disagrees with Iron ManCaptain America disagrees with Iron ManCourtesy of Marvel

Q: How was it doing the battle sequence at the airport? What was most challenging in that scene? Are you satisfied with the finished product?

  • Chris: It was great. It was hot. We were in Atlanta in August so I think everyone was toasty. There are only a couple of scenes or shots where everyone is running together. For the most part, it’s picks and pops so you’re getting bits and pieces. So it’s a lot of waiting around but you really have a confidence that it’s going to be something special. It’s a meticulous process because it’s such a grand scheme so on the day it’s not as cool and romantic as you think it would be but there’s an energy on set and excitement that keeps you invested knowing that it’s going to be something epic. But it was hot, I’ll say that.
  • Elizabeth: And these guys run really fast and I’m in heels and (wearing) a corset. And I really wanted everyone to slow down just a little bit. I was just pumping those arms and falling behind and then taking off. I’d just barely get up in the air.

Scarlet Witch in street clothesCan she control her powers?Courtesy of Marvel

Q: Was there a lot of wire work stuff to your stunts?

  • Elizabeth: I wish I got to do more. I mostly did landings.

Scarlet Witch with HawkeyeScarlet Witch with HawkeyeCourtesy of Marvel

Q: Paul, your character, Ant-Man, is  the fanboy of the bunch. How did you feel about that?

  • Paul: There was very little acting required in that scene for me. They’ve all worked together and have done this before. I’ve just seen the movies. So, to be there on the day, I couldn’t stop geeking out. “Oh my God, there’s (Captain America’s) shield!” and there’s that arm. When I was getting the suit on, there’s an area where we get changed, I was like “Oh there’s Iron Man’s suit.” And there they all are. I did feel that excitement. I can’t believe that I landed here. This is nuts. So it was really cool.

Paul Rudd as Ant-Man checks his suitPaul Rudd as Ant-Man checks his suitCourtesy of Marvel

Q: Chris, there has been an interesting evolution with your character. He was supposedly protecting true, all American values, and in this case, he's rejecting the government control and maybe the United Nations. Talk about that.

  • Chris: Well, in terms of who he's been throughout the arc of his character, he's always fought for the greater good. He's always put the needs of the masses before his own desire. And that's exactly what's different in this film. Instead of  dedicating himself to what others need, he prioritizes what he wants, which is a departure from what he's normally allegiant to. It colors the character in a really nice way. You have a guy who's this incredibly austere and moral character. It's hard to find ways to make him layered and dynamic, and I think in this movie he becomes potentially selfish where he puts his own desires first but it's rooted in family, which I think is a through line we can all relate to.

Part of Team Cap ready for actionPart of Team Cap ready for actionCourtesy of Marvel

Q: Elizabeth, in Age of Ultron, you were scared of your power and then in Civil War you started to gain some confidence but could not really control it and you're still terrified of your powers. Do you think Scarlet Witch will ever have any confidence with her powers?

  • Elizabeth: I think what ended up happening was that she was starting to feel confident, but it wasn’t about her powers, it was more about the conflict she had with making a big mistake. But I think what's interesting is every superhero has a weakness and I've always thought of hers as, she’s the person who gets in her own way. And so that's to me an interesting character trait. I don’t know what we're going to do next. But I think of her as being really an incredibly strong powerful person.
  • And it's also fun because I feel like she could flip either way because of her mind. I think there are a lot of things that could possibly be played with but I am not in control of that. I think the film was a lot about just conflict in general of what's right and how to use your abilities, or whether you should or not. I think that was a consistent theme throughout the whole film.

Scarlet Witch in street clothesScarlet Witch in street clothesCourtesy of Marvel

Q: One of my most touching moments, I mean the human side, was saying good bye to Cap’s old girlfriend Peggy. And then also Cap gets the joy of finally making a pass for the first time in 75 years.

  • Chris: Oh sure, sure. Yeah. I get to make out. Yeah (laughs)

Q: How do you deal with that pleasant problem?

  • Chris: Yeah that's the best. You know what it's like. When you have friends from high school, and you're trying to make your friends from high school get along with your friends from college. It's this blending of the worlds. This movie makes these worlds collide. And it’s difficult, challenging. The loss of Peggy certainly makes Bucky the last remaining part of Steve that is a part of his old life, his memory of home. Of who he is before this shield. It’s who Steve was before he had this responsibility.

Cap confronts Iron Man (Tony Stark)Cap confronts Iron Man (Tony Stark)Courtesy of Marvel

Q: That didn’t really answer the kissing question.

  • Elizabeth: So there you go, in Civil War, Cap, he's 90, he's selfish, he loves me.
  • Chris: He's 90, he's selfish, and he just wants to get kissed. C'mon.
  • Elizabeth: Love it!

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Captain America: Civil War PosterCaptain America: Civil War PosterCourtesy of Marvel

Captain America: Civil War is in theaters now!


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