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Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

Reviewed by on May 05, 2016
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Kidzworld caught an early screening of Captain America: Civil War. Is it as awesome as expected? Check our movie review.

By: Lynn Barker

In Captain America: Civil War, the Avengers are full of inner-turmoil. Most members aren’t sure the collateral damage they cause makes them the good guys. Tony Stark (Iron Man) is in angst over creating the destructive Ultron and Steve Rogers (Captain America) thinks the heroes should continue to operate outside government control. Scarlet Witch is upset that she just wiped out a building by mistake. Will this end well?

Captain America and Iron Man square offCaptain America and Iron Man square offCourtesy of Marvel

The Backstory

It’s 1991 and HYDRA bosses wake up Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) from cryo-sleep and use trigger words to force him to stop a car carrying super soldier serum and kill the car’s occupants.

Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)Courtesy of Marvel

A year After Ultron

About a year after the Avengers defeated Ultron, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, and Wanda Maximoff stop a man named Rumlow from stealing a biological weapon from a lab in Lagos, Nigeria. During the fight, Wanda has trouble controlling her power and rips up a building accidentally killing baddie Rumlow but also some Wakandan relief aid workers. This makes people world-wide question the Avenger’s work.

Agent 13, Black Widow and Steve at HQAgent 13, Black Widow and Steve at HQCourtesy of Marvel

The Sokovia Accords

At Avenger’s HQ, they learn from the U.S. Secretary of State that the United Nations will pass the Sokovia Accords, a multi-nation agreement that will establish a panel to govern the Avengers. They will no longer be able to operate on their own. The team divides over this with Tony Stark supporting this control since he feels guilty about unleashing Ultron on the world and the destruction of Sokovia. Steve Rogers distrusts U.N. control and wants the Avengers to stay self-governing.

Black Panther and Iron Man side by sideBlack Panther and Iron Man side by sideCourtesy of Marvel

At the U.N. and Beyond

Black Widow goes to Vienna to witness the signing of the accords but a bombing there kills King T’Chaka of Wakanda. His son T’Challa (later Black Panther) vows revenge against the bomber who appears to be Bucky Barnes (as Winter Soldier). Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson (Falcon) track Barnes to his hideout in Bucharest trying to protect him from the police but they are captured. Barnes is soon released by Colonel Helmut Zemo posing as a doctor, who uses HYDRA's trigger words to send the Winter Soldier on a rampage.

Black PantherBlack PantherCourtesy of Marvel

Falcon spreads his wingsFalcon spreads his wingsCourtesy of Marvel

To Siberia and an Airport Battle

Rogers stops Barnes and helps him get away. Barnes reveals that Zemo set him up and is heading to a Siberian facility where Winter Solders are created and there are more of them to be awakened. Rogers convinces Scarlet Witch and Ant Man to join his team and Tony Stark brings in Black Widow and Black Panther. He has War Machine and Vision as well as recruiting young Spider-Man Peter Parker. The two teams battle it out at the airport in Leipzig. Black Widow allows Cap and Winter Soldier to escape while the rest of the team is captured and Rhodey is shot down accidentally by Vision. Widow tells Iron Man that Bucky Barnes was framed by Zemo.

Team Cap ready to rumbleTeam Cap ready to rumbleCourtesy of Marvel

Spider-Man joins the teamSpider-Man joins the teamCourtesy of Marvel

More Personal Tension

Iron man follows Rogers and Barnes to the Siberian HYDRA facility and says he was wrong about Bucky and is sorry. The group discovers that all the other hibernating winter soldiers were killed by Zemo who was orchestrating the Avengers to destroy themselves from within. Zemo reveals something to Tony Stark that makes him hate Steve Rogers and a bad fight breaks out that ends in Bucky losing his robotic arm and the Iron Man suit being shut down. Zemo, from Sokovia did it all as payback for the death of his family at Avenger hands. He is taken by T’Challa (Black Panther).

Iron Man and War Machine in battleIron Man and War Machine in battleCourtesy of Marvel


We see that Tony has built Rhodey an exoskeleton that will help him walk again and Captain America busts his team out of prison and goes to Wakanda with Black Panther where Bucky Barnes volunteers to be frozen again until a cure for his brainwashing can be found.  

Iron Man helps the fallen War MachineIron Man helps the fallen War MachineCourtesy of Marvel

Captain America: Civil War Trailer


Wrapping Up 

Captain America: Civil War is a bang up, action-packed, emotionally-satisfying good time at the movies!  At two and a half hours, it’s a little long but the film doesn’t really drag since it is packed with either creative and exciting action or some real heart-to-heart character confrontations and quick, witty humor.  

Iron Man uses his powers on CapIron Man uses his powers on CapCourtesy of Marvel

Unlike the bloated and nonsensical Batman v Superman, we really “get” why these guys disagree and have to take it to the line against each other.  There is a great twist and an extra barb in Tony Stark’s side involving Captain America, Bucky Barnes and the long-ago death of Tony’s parents that really creates an anger that makes sense as does the addition of a heart-broken baddie working to destroy the Avengers from within. 

Tony (Iron Man) stands tall with War Machine by his sideTony (Iron Man) stands tall with War Machine by his sideCourtesy of Marvel

The Russo brothers directing team do a great job of juggling so many superheroes with different personalities and skills. New addition, Chadwick Boseman does a very convincing job as Black Panther as does young Tom Holland as a very young and inexperienced Spider-Man. Paul Rudd gets a lot of hilarious joke lines as the star-struck Ant Man. In fact, the film is chocked full of short one-liners that lighten up the serious subject matter just to the right degree. Tony calls young Spider-Man’s homemade suit “a onesie” and there is also a touch of romance as Vision seems attracted to Scarlet Witch and Cap actually kisses a girl! Go Cap!

Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch in battleHawkeye and Scarlet Witch in battleCourtesy of Marvel

Vision during the battleVision during the battle

As usual with Marvel films, stay around until the end of the credits for a cute scene involving Peter Parker (Spider-Man). Except for the length, we can’t see anything to complain about in this fast-paced yet emotionally satisfying film. Go see it! We go five stars. 

Captain America: Civil War Movie Rating:5

Captain America: Civil War PosterCaptain America: Civil War PosterCourtesy of Marvel

Captain America: Civil War is in theaters now!

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