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Fifth Harmony: 7/27 Album Review

Reviewed by on Jun 01, 2016
Rating: 3 Star Rating

7/27 is the second album from Fifth Harmony, available online and in stores now. Check out the Kidzworld review!


It's been over a year since Fifth Harmony burst on to the pop music scene after being formed on "X Factor". Their first album Reflections left no one in denial about the five girls' ability to belt out a tune, and they carved out a space for themselves on the billboard charts. Songs like "Worth it" and "Sledgehammer" had everyone wondering how they would take over the airwaves this summer. The first single to drop from 7/27, "Work from Home," set the bar high for the rest of the album.

Fifth Harmony is Ally Brooke, Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui and Normani KordeiFifth Harmony is Ally Brooke, Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui and Normani KordeiCourtesy of Sony Music

Unfortunately for FH, the rest of 7/27 isn't quite as catchy as that first number, but it does see theses five singers experimenting with a slicker, more produced sound. They managed to drum up some impressive artists on the album, like Ty Dolla $ign, Fetty Wap and Missy Elliot (who only just announced her triumphant return to music by storming The Super Bowl!) The album has a lot of energy, and you'll find yourself tapping your toe or shaking your booty through the whole thing. Stand out tracks include "That's My Girl," and "Write on Me."

Fifth Harmony's 7/27 is their second albumFifth Harmony's 7/27 is their second albumCourtesy of Sony Music

Fifth Harmony: 7/27 Album Rating: 3

"Dope" and "No Way" are only available on the deluxe edition of 7/27, and since "Dope" is actually one of the dopest tracks on there, it's worth a little extra if you're a FH fan for sure.

Track List

  1. That's My Girl
  2. Work From Home feat. Ty Dolla $ign
  3. The Life
  4. Write On Me
  5. I Lied
  6. All In My Head feat. Fetty Wap
  7. Squeeze
  8. Gonna Get Better
  9. Scared Of Happy
  10. Not That Kinda Girl feat. Missy Elliott
  11. Dope
  12. No Way

Watch the video for "Work from Home" below!

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