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Rihanna Sends Her Fans Pizza!

Jun 30, 2016

As if Rihanna didn't have all of our hearts already, she just won the day by sending fans waiting in line for her show in Manchester, England the best gift of all...you guessed it - FREE PIZZA!

A fan digs into his free pizzaA fan digs into his free pizza

Scooping up the nicest celeb gesture of the week award in our opinion, needless to say her fans were impressed, and took to Twitter to tell anyone and everyone about her delicious good deed.

Rihanna reached out to fans - with free pizza and towels!Rihanna reached out to fans - with free pizza and towels!

Fans were getting soaked in the rain waiting for the show on her Anti World Tour, and Queen RiRi heard their cries. And that's not all, the thoughtful singer also sent towels so rain-drenched ticket holders could dry off - now that's hospitality!

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