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Tiffany Houghton: Catch Me If You Can

Jul 27, 2016

Tiffany Houghton just debuted her peppy new single "Catch Me If You Can," and it's got an upbeat beach vibe people are loving. The summery single is already climbing up the Radio Disney charts.

Tiffany opened up about the song's inspiration:

“People stereotype you because it requires less work than actually getting to know you. I’ve heard so many times that I’m a fluffy, bubble gum Barbie princess…and sure, I’m a blonde-haired, blue-eyed American girl that wears a lot of pink – but there is so much more," said the 22-year-old singer.

Tiffany Houghton: Catch Me If You Can is her new single!Tiffany Houghton: Catch Me If You Can is her new single!

She added: “Since I was 15 I’ve been developing my own brand, independent label and team...you gotta pound the pavement. You gotta be so good they can’t ignore you. The right ones get it.”

Listen to Tiffany Houghton's "Catch Me If You Can" below!


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