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Best Talking Animals In Film

Aug 01, 2016

While kids anxiously await the release of EuropaCorp’s upcoming film, NINE LIVES, we’ve put together a list of our favorite talking animals in film! NINE LIVES stars Kevin Spacey as a stuffy businessman who finds himself trapped in the body of his family cat. He will have to learn why he has been placed in this peculiar situation and the great lengths he must go to earn back his human existence. In celebration of NINE LIVES, take a look at our favorite talking animals in film, and be sure to check out Mr. Fuzzypants when NINE LIVES opens in U.S. theaters nationwide on August 5th.

NINE LIVES PosterNINE LIVES PosterCourtesy of EuropaCorp

Mr. Fuzzypants from NINE LIVES

When Tom Brand, a successful businessman and absent father gets turned into a cat, he must find a way to prove to his family who he really is. Watch as Mr. Fuzzypants tries to write letters and even does pull-ups to prove he’s human. Let’s face it, this cat can make us laugh and we can’t get enough of Mr. Fuzzypants!

Mr. Fuzzypants from NINE LIVESMr. Fuzzypants from NINE LIVESCourtesy of EuropaCorp

Remy from Ratatouille 

Who said all talking animals in film were cats and dogs?! In Ratatouille, Remy the rat decides to put his cooking skills to use to help Chef Linguini in one of Paris’ finest restaurants. While he may not be the typical, cuddly, household pet, we can’t help but root for him. After all, he is a culinary genius!

Remy from Ratatouille Remy from Ratatouille Courtesy of Buena Vista Pictures

Crush from Finding Nemo

Not only is Crush the chillest 150 year-old turtle around, he’s the coolest dad, too! His son Squirt wants to grow up to be just like him, and we can see why! He is an easygoing surfer dude who likes to go with the flow.

Crush from Finding NemoCrush from Finding NemoCourtesy of Buena Vista Pictures

Dug from Up

Dug is the most lovable dog in movie history, with his playful personality and undying loyalty. After being given  a special collar that gives him the ability to talk, we can finally hear what man’s best friend has to say! How could we forget our favorite line, “I was hiding under your porch because I love you.”

Dug from UpDug from UpCourtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Donkey from Shrek

Donkey never stops talking… and we mean NEVER, but we love him anyway. As Shrek’s unlikely sidekick, he helps Shrek on his journey to save Princess Fiona. Shrek may find Donkey annoying, but he is unfailingly loyal and even makes waffles every morning! What more could you want from a donkey?

Donkey from ShrekDonkey from ShrekCourtesy of Dreamworks/Paramount Pictures

Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web

Wilbur may be the runt of his litter, but he is the best talking pig around! Wilbur develops a close friendship with Charlotte, the spider that lives in his pen and when he learns he could end up on the dinner table Charlotte vows to save him. Wilbur is definitely some pig!

Wilbur from Charlotte’s WebWilbur from Charlotte’s WebCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Dory from Finding Dory

Full of life and energy, we can’t help but love Dory. She may have short term memory loss, but she doesn’t let that stop her from accomplishing whatever she sets her mind to! The best part about Dory? She can communicate with whales! Fans loved Dory so much, she got her own movie, ‘Finding Dory’!

Dory from Finding DoryDory from Finding DoryCourtesy of Buena Vista Pictures

Mumble from Happy Feet

Mumble may get teased for his horrible singing, but he sure is the cutest, cuddliest penguin out there. Not to mention he has some seriously cool dance moves! Mumble shows us how being yourself is the best way to be happy.

Mumble from Happy FeetMumble from Happy FeetCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment inc.



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