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Suicide Squad Movie Review

Reviewed by on Aug 04, 2016
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Check out Kidzworld’s take on Suicide Squad based on the popular comic book series. Do these characters work on film? Who will be your favorite? Find out in our movie review!

By: Lynn Barker

When a diverse group of over-the-top prison inmates are offered perks to join together and use their unique, separate talents to take down a mystical threat to our world, will they get along? Will they complete their mission? How much hell will they raise along the way?

Most of the Suicide SquadMost of the Suicide SquadCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Gathering the Team

Kick-butt Black Ops Agency head Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) is concerned that, after Superman’s death (in the recent Batman v Superman film), superheroes, also called meta-humans, might use their powers for evil. She convinces the government to let her form a combat team with criminals locked up in a New Orleans high security prison. There is Deadshot (Will Smith) a crack shot killer for hire, psycho, and former shrink Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) who is also the boo of the evil Joker (Jared Leto), Boomerang (Jai Courtney), El Diablo (Jay Hernandez) and Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), Also along are Katana (Karen Fukuhara), team leader Flag (Joel Kinnaman) and a few others.

Deadshot talks to Rick FlagDeadshot talks to Rick FlagCourtesy of Warner Bros.

The Beautiful Baddie

Mission Commander Rick Flag’s girlfriend is a former anthropologist named June Moone who opened an ancient container to release the witch Enchantress (Cara Delevigne) who then took over her body. For now, Waller actually has her beating heart (haven’t we seen this in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie?) in a locked box and thus controls her. She also controls the newly dubbed Suicide Squad by implanting explosives in their necks which she can detonate at will.

One version of EnchantressOne version of EnchantressCourtesy of Warner Bros.

The Plan

Enchantress is tired of taking orders and living inside Moone so after releasing her powerful Brother from yet another ancient jar, she decides to create a machine that can somehow slice through things as big as battle ships and knock a space station out of the sky.

Slipknot and Killer CrocSlipknot and Killer CrocCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Enter the Joker

Joker is out to reclaim Harley for his own and… something else.. Who knows? He runs around making life miserable when he can for the Squad while Enchantress builds her killer machine.

Joker (Jared Leto) terrorizes a victimJoker (Jared Leto) terrorizes a victimCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Can the Squad Win?

After several action encounters with Enchantress’s army made up of former humans she has turned into what look like black lava men, the Squad finds the machine and hope to destroy it, the Fire-centric Enchantress brother and knock her out of poor Junie Moone’s body so Flag can have his girlfriend back.

The gang takes on Enchantress guardsThe gang takes on Enchantress guardsCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Suicide Squad Trailer



Wrapping Up

Suicide Squad has some fun moments, many between Will Smith and Margot Robbie as Deadshot and Harley Quinn. Actors do the best they can to add some depth to their characters but there are just too many of them with too many origin stories pasted together in this crazy quilt movie. The plot also makes little sense.

KatanaKatanaCourtesy of Warner Bros.

The battles are kind of dark so I didn’t see all the cool “moves”. As far as effects go, the killing machine looks like a cheesy cyclone gone rogue but I did like the look of Diablo’s powerful alter-ego who is fire incarnate with a cool “feather” headdress that reminds me of Aztec God Queltzalcoatl.  There are some fun classic rock tunes peppered throughout the movie that are also enjoyable.

Viola Davis as Amanda WallerViola Davis as Amanda WallerCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Overall, Suicide Squad is way more miss than hit but if you like the comic and seeing these characters come to life, the actors do a pretty decent job. It is also cool that Batman appears a few times (stay through some of the end credits as well) and the film does sort of tie together with the DC comics universe and the end of Batman v Superman. So far D.C. has a long way to go to catch up with Marvel movies. For mostly senseless, popcorn-munching fun, we go three stars.

Suicide Squad ​Movie Rating:3

Suicide Squad PosterSuicide Squad PosterCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Suicide Squad is in theaters now!

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