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Storks | Original Comedy, Great Voice Acting, & Spectacular Animation

Reviewed by on Sep 23, 2016
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Read KIDS FIRST film critic Gerrys review of Storks, about those eloquent birds known for delivering babies, but have moved on from delivering babies to packages.

By Gerry O., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 14

Storks Video Review



Storks is a film unlike most other animated comedies. Not only does it appeal to kids, with fantastic morals and fun and silly humor, it appeals to adults as well. This makes Storks a true family comedy that also has beautiful animation, wonderful voice acting and a unique story.

Tulip and Junior are sure they can deliver the babyTulip and Junior are sure they can deliver the babyCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Storks is predominantly a comedy. The story itself is an adventure, but there also some drama here and there to keep things exciting and, just to make sure you never get bored, there are also a few action scenes that are both intense and hilarious.

Hunter and TulipHunter and TulipCourtesy of Warner Bros.

This movie starts out showing storks delivering babies. This all changes when one Stork decides to stop delivering babies and starts producing and delivering goods instead. One young stork named Junior (Andy Samberg) discovers that a baby was accidentally made and tries to eliminate the problem by delivering the baby. On the way, they meet old friends, new friends and also make enemies.

Junior voiced by Andy SambergJunior voiced by Andy SambergCourtesy of Warner Bros.

The humor in this film is fantastic. Not only is it original and never gets boring, the funniest parts are when characters in the film point out something that shouldn’t be possible. That, combined with a great soundtrack and perfect voice acting, makes for very funny scenes. The animation in Storks contains a lot of bright colors as well as many beautiful scenery shots. The voice-over cast really suits their roles, even if their character has only three lines, they make the nonexistent character come to life.

The baby charms everyoneThe baby charms everyoneCourtesy of Warner Bros.

My favorite scene is when Junior and his partner, Tulip (Kate Crown) are captured by a pack of wolves. The wolves fall in love with the baby and the two are able to escape and grab the baby. What I love about this scene is that the wolves form different vehicles using their bodies. It is hilarious to watch the wolves talk to each other and see the characters point out how impossible it is. This makes the scene hilarious and also, is very action packed. While laughing, the viewer is on the edge of their seat in excitement.

Film Critic Gerry O.Film Critic Gerry O.Courtesy of KIDS FIRST!

Storks is meant for kids, but can appeal to adults too. I recommend it for ages 6 to 18 plus adults. There are some dramatic scenes that may be too intense for younger kids. I give this film 5 out of 5 stars for original and hilarious comedy, unique plot, beautiful soundtrack, wonderful voice acting and spectacular animation. In theaters now, so be sure to check it out. 

Storks Movie Review: 5

Storks Movie PosterStorks Movie PosterCourtesy of Warner Bros.

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