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LEGO Dimensions: Mission Impossible PS4 Game Review

Reviewed by on Oct 28, 2016
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Ethan Hunt assembles onto your LEGO portal! Check out Kidzworld reviews LEGO Dimensions: Mission Impossible PS4, if you choose to accept it.

By: Max Cannon

LEGO Dimensions comes with a ton of different worlds - 14 of them to be exact - and that wasn't quite enough for the team over at TT Games. Since the game's initial launch they've developed several different packs of add on content featuring everything from "Adventure Time" to "Wonder Woman." Any additional sets will come with a character, a new hub, and often a vehicle or two. But the star of each add-on is the new level pack that comes with it, often having players trek through a new version of a story from the source material.

The most recent LEGO set is based on the first movie in the Mission: Impossible series. You'll play as Ethan Hunt through the highlights of the original film, solving puzzles using his IMF gadgets and cars, and you can throw in some of the characters from any other LEGO Dimensions play set.

Ethan Hunt next to one of his new vehicles.Ethan Hunt next to one of his new vehicles.Courtesy of TT Games

Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It...

If you haven't gotten around to seeing the first Mission: Impossible movie, you'll be playing as Ethan Hunt, who was played by Tom Cruise in the original movie, as he tries to clear his name after a mission goes horribly wrong. Though there isn't any new dialogue recorded for Hunt he'll speak lines that are directly lifted from the original movie and it's fun to hear Tom Cruise speaking throughout. 

Some of the puzzles in the game are based around using different disguises to sneak into restricted areas, while others are the typical LEGO affair. Aside from getting the new character, the biggest new physical additions are the IMF Supercar and Hunt's motorcycle which are both included and able to be built with real LEGO. The Supercar looks like your typical vehicle, similar to the Batmobile in the base game, but this is able to shoot grapples out of it to solve some of the later puzzles. While the motorcycle enables you to jump over obstacles at a high speed.

Ethan sneaks into a party on the first mission.Ethan sneaks into a party on the first mission.Courtesy of Game Zone

A Bigger, Better Add-On

The game is a bit longer than the standard LEGO Dimensions packs and takes about 2 hours to complete. In our original review of the base game I praised the bridge that the game closes between children and their parents and Mission: Impossible is a perfect property for this game.

The original movie is a standard, but beloved, PG-13 action movie. And some of the more violent scenes have been made family friendly with the charming, tongue-in-cheek LEGO humor we've come to expect from the franchise. Parents can appreciate the recreations of their favorite scenes and still enjoy them with the children in the room and being an active participant.

Final Thoughts

Mission: Impossible is the first add-on I've played for LEGO Di3mensions and if this is indicative of the rest of the content then I stand by my original review of this game. One of the best family games of all time is made even better.


  • Fun Voice Acting
  • New Puzzles


  • No New Voice Acting

LEGO Dimensions Mission: Impossible Game Rating:5

Available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Wii U.

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