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Harry Potter, Gremlins, Adventure Time and More To LEGO Dimensions

Jun 09, 2016

By: Max Cannon

Do you like LEGOs? Have you liked anything popular released in the past 30 years? Well then LEGO Dimensions' next big update is for you! Soon featuring characters all the way from "The A-Team" to "Adventure Time." The new addition will release 16 packs of character content from now all the way until next summer. Check out the new trailer below!

If you're new to LEGO Dimensions it's a Toys-To-Life game similar to Skylanders or Disney Infinity. What sets this game apart from the others is the use of LEGOs are your toys. You can mix and match different LEGO characters and settings to play through everyone's world. You can run through The Lord of The Rings as Scooby-Doo. Or take a tour through the labs of Portal as Homer Simpson. The games are simple to play and a fun excuse to play as all your favorite characters in all sorts of different worlds. 

More Characters and More Ways to Play

The LEGO Dimensions team has been giving hints about this new content over the week. With nods to both Harry Potter and Gremlins in their teases we finally got our full look at everything included with this new trailer!  There's a lot of stuff jammed into this upcoming wave of content including levels based around the Ghostbusters reboot and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Not only that but we can also look forward to a new mode in the Ghostbusters update called "Rip." "Rip" will allow players to tear open a hole in the game's universe and go into an alternate universe to solve puzzles to play through the game!

This year 2 content also includes new "Battle Arenas." These are new competitive multiplayer game modes which feature split-screen gameplay against your friends! Each of the mini figures that will be released soon come with a special golden ticket, this ticket allows you to unlock new "Battle Arenas" based on that character's world. All of the unlockable Battle Arenas come with four different gameplay modes, their own traps, special powers, and interactive environments to make every battle arena unique.

Batman will make his way to LEGO Dimensions alongside the release of the Lego Batman movie.Batman will make his way to Lego Dimensions alongside the release of the LEGO Batman movie.
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