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Run the Tide Movie Review

Reviewed by on Nov 30, 2016
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Taylor Lautner stars in Run the Tide, a film about a young man’s love for his little brother and the future he sacrificed to protect him. Check out Kidzworlds movie review!

By: Lynn Barker

Rey (Taylor Lautner) was picked on by his junkie mom Lola (Constance Zimmer) and his childhood consisted of protecting his little brother Oliver (Nico Christou) from seeing just how bad a mom she is. The result? Rey, a bright young guy, works in a gas station mini-mart while little bro is stoked that mom is getting out of jail so they can be a “family” again. Will Rey ever get out of town and will he take Oliver with him?

Rey (Taylor Lautner) and little bro on the roadRey (Taylor Lautner) and little bro on the roadCourtesy of Momentum Pictures

Stuck in Dullsville

Rey Hightower (Taylor Lautner) a post high-schooler lives in a run-down trailer park taking care of his 10-year-old bro Oliver while working at a boring mini-mart. We learn that their mom was never around much and when she was, she was usually high and abusive. Rey has protected Oliver from her to the point that the kid thinks she is cool and can’t wait for her to get out of jail so they can be a family again.

Rey wonders if he should talk to his motherRey wonders if he should talk to his motherCourtesy of Momentum Pictures

In Jail and Escape to California

Mom Lola is in a group therapy session but can’t seem to participate and admit her past behavior. Rey learns that she gets out in two days and wants to come home to Rey’s kindly but ineffective stepdad Beau (Kenny Johnson) and really wants Oliver back. Suddenly Rey’s old high school girlfriend Michelle is in town for her dad’s funeral and old feelings cause them to hook up. She has a cushy new job in San Francisco and indicates that, if he comes there, she might be able to help him get on his feet.

Mom Lola, Oliver and stepdadMom Lola, Oliver and stepdadCourtesy of Momentum Pictures

On the Road

Following an old urge to go to the ocean, Rey lies to Oliver telling him they will have a little vacation before mom rejoins them and the two take off for California sun and surf. They have several adventures on the way with Lola and stepdad closing in. Will Rey and Michelle get together? Will Rey be able to forgive his lowlife mom? Will he lose Oliver, the only family he really has?

Michelle and Rey reunited at his workMichelle and Rey reunited at his workCourtesy of Momentum Pictures

Finally made it to the oceanFinally made it to the oceanCourtesy of Momentum Pictures

Wrapping Up

It’s nice to see fan fave Taylor Lautner in a film in which he can show more dramatic skill than just pining away over Bella Swan or showing off his martial arts skills. He’s not winning an Oscar for his performance as Rey but he’s quite believable as a frustrated young guy whose only accomplishment in his life is to play “dad” to his 10-year-old bro while his high school crush goes to the big city for a cushy job.

Angry Rey finally talks with his momAngry Rey finally talks with his momCourtesy of Momentum Pictures

The first half of the film shows some real promise but the brothers on-the-road experiences are pretty been-there-seen-that. Fans will enjoy a tame love scene between Taylor and leading lady Johanna Braddy as the old high school girlfriend and some teens might relate to some of the dysfunctional family happenings in the movie. If you aren’t like Rey or Oliver, you might have friends who are.

Michelle at her tech job in San FranciscoMichelle at her tech job in San FranciscoCourtesy of Momentum Pictures

Run the Tide is not for younger kids. It drags in a few spots but teens, especially Taylor fans, will probably enjoy seeing him in this more sensitive role especially after playing the weird Dr. Cascade in T.V.’s “Scream Queens”. We go three stars. 

Run the Tide Movie Rating:3

Run the Tide Movie PosterRun the Tide Movie PosterCourtesy of Momentum Pictures

Run the Tide is in theaters Friday!


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