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Dear Dish-it is Back and Ready to Help

Mar 07, 2017

Kidzworld is excited to announce the re-launch of our Dear Dish-It Advice section! We sincerely apologize to anyone who wrote in to us in the past six months. We have not forgotten about your questions and will be getting in touch with you through the forums if we do not post an article on your question.  

For other questions, we will feature a weekly article, which will be posted every Tuesday. Think of it as “Let’s talk about it Tuesday” because on this day we will talk about problems, issues and frustrations, which are affecting you and try to provide helpful facts, suggestions and solutions, which may help you cope better with your problem.

Let’s talk about it Tuesday with Dish-ItLet’s talk about it Tuesday with Dish-ItCourtesy of Kidzworld

Some articles will feature more than one question, particularly if there is a theme surrounding those questions. We want to formally address as many concerns as we can. We know that it is not easy to open up, and we appreciate you sharing with us. We never want you to feel like you reached out and were not addressed.

If you would not like your Kidzworld name mentioned in the article, simply state in your response that you would like to be referred to as “anonymous” and we will not reveal your identity.

Kidzworld is here to help, and our Dish-It section is designed for you. Express yourself freely and let us know what’s bothering you, what you want to know more about it, or ask us how you can better help a friend or family member. If we like your idea, we may post an article about it in a different section. We truly want to help you to figure out the things in your life that are bothering you. We know sometimes it’s not always easy to talk about matters with the people in our lives, and Dish- It can be a great alternative towards seeking advice.

Dish-It's Advice CornerDish-It's Advice Corner

Remember, it’s only advice and in the end it is up to you! You always have to do what feels right for you. We appreciate your feedback and understanding, and hope that you will write in as we re-kick-off the Dear Dish-It section! 

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Have a question for Dear Dish-It, write her deardish@kidzworld.com and you could be featured on our "Let's Talk about it Tuesday."