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LEGO Dimensions: The LEGO Batman Movie PS4 Game Review

Reviewed by on Mar 06, 2016
Rating: 3 Star Rating

The LEGO Batman Movie gets its very own add-on pack to LEGO Dimensions. Check out what Kidzworld thought of Batmans return to the LEGO portal.

By: Max Cannon

LEGO Dimensions is the toys-to-life game that mixes famous franchises like Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings with the LEGO toys you've always known. Every once in awhile we get our hands on additional LEGO figurines that add story content into the game! In addition to the main game, we've so far gotten to try Mission: Impossible, Sonic the Hedgehog, and a collection of bite sized expeditions through the open worlds of other franchises. Now we can add The LEGO Batman Movie to this list. 

Black and Yellow

This add-on is condensed version of the titular movie it is based upon. So if you're hoping to see The LEGO Batman Movie I would stay away from this game until you've seen it as the basic plot is identical to the movie. For those who haven't seen it, the brief synopsis is that lonely Batman adopts Robin into his life as the pair try to stop The Joker once and for all. This is definitely one of the funnier LEGO games, especially because it's based off such a funny movie. The only issue I have with story is how quickly things wrap up, the final boss is a surprise -- unless you've seen the movie -- but he doesn't feel very final. After beating him, you get a long cutscene that finalizes everything pretty quickly and for a game that has been so funny and charming so far, I would've loved to see more.

The game's regular Batman standing next to the movie's Batman.The game's regular Batman standing next to the movie's Batman.Courtesy of Pixelkin

Most of the games fun and charm comes from swapping out the LEGO Batman voice actor. In the main game, the grey LEGO Batman is voiced by Troy Baker but the black and yellow version from the movie features the return of Will Arnett. The absence of other beloved actors are painfully apparent. I would've loved to hear Michael Cera as Robin or Zach Galifianakis as The Joker but I was grateful to just to have Arnett's gravelly voice throughout.

It Plays Like a LEGO Game

There's not much I can say about the gameplay that hasn't really been said before but there are a few tiny changes to the gameplay that are welcomed. Adding Batman's detective mode will require players to move their figure around the portal to use Batman's different detective moves. They're al some form of chasing a trail, be it a smell or footprints, but any change, however small, is welcome and noticeable in the LEGO games. Another change comes in the environment you'll play in. In previous add-ons the story mode was seperate from the open world, but The LEGO Batman Movie add on intermingles the pair. Before starting up most levels, you're asked to solve a puzzle in the open world setting. I hope they continue to do this with future add-ons.

The Story Pack includes Robin, Batgirl, and the Batwing vehicle.The Story Pack includes Robin, Batgirl, and the Batwing vehicle.Courtesy of LEGO

The final change of note that stuck out to me was the inclusion of what I'll call "Portal Puzzles." These puzzles require you to switch your character's position on the portal to access tears between different worlds. Mixing in the worlds of "Midway Arcade" with "The A Team" will help you take down a boss. Or using a conveyor belt from the world of Portal to make your way to the next room feels like acknowledgement of the best part of LEGO properties. 

Speaking of the best parts of LEGO, this is one of the first times where I really focused on mixing and matching my characters based on a suggestion from the team behind the game. With the inclusion of a sword wielding Batman called Excalibur Batman, I really took notice of a new layer to the game.  Throwing in different characters and vehicles from other LEGO Dimensions packs give you other solutions to puzzles, and it's satisfying solving a puzzle in The LEGO Batman Movie's world with characters and tools from Gremlins.

The X-Ray fight is one of the funnier gags in the game.The X-Ray fight is one of the funnier gags in the game.Courtesy of GameRanx

Final Thoughts

If you want an excuse to play more LEGO and you're a Batman fan than you'll find some fun in this game. Mixing and matching characters and environments add a little more spice to LEGO's formula but not too much outside of that. But hey, hearing Will Arnett was very, very welcomed.


  • Will Arnett
  • Open World Mixed With Story


  • Just Will Arnett's Voice
  • Mostly Similar To Past Entries

LEGO Dimensions: The LEGO Batman Movie Game Rating:3

Available for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack Box ArtThe LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack Box Art
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