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The Do's and Don't of Dear Dish-It

Mar 21, 2017

Many of you have written in months ago and have yet to hear back from Dear Dish-It. We apologize if that confused you or annoyed you in any way. Our Dear Dish-It had to take a temporary, but emergency leave of absence, and since no one but her has the insight, skills and empathic energy for Dear Dish-It, we couldn’t step up and take her place. We sincerely apologize and should have communicated this information much sooner. If you wrote to us and haven’t heard back, we’re not ignoring your questions. Stay tuned for weekly, theme-based “Let’s Talk About it Tuesday” articles, which might contain your question.

If you, however, notice that after some time your question or it’s topic still has not been addressed on Kidzworld in any regard, then pay close attention to this article. We will highlight the Do’s and Don’ts of Dear Dish-It, which will allow you to learn of potential reasons why your question wasn’t addressed. It will also help you to learn the most effective ways of using Dear Dish-It, which will secure your chances of being acknowledged. We want to ensure that your concerns are heard, and we are here to help you voice them right so that it gets approved for publication.

Dos and Don't For Posting to Dear Dish-It

The Do's and Don'ts of Dear Dish-It

Do: Write to Dear Dish-It if you have a relationship problem, friend problem, bullying/fitting in issue, school problem, inquiry about your crush, sexuality, race or mental health etc. If your problem fits in with what we can offer (in terms of giving advice ) we will be glad to help you, but if your concern is inappropriate in any respect, we will not be engaging with your message.

Don’t: Write to Dear Dish-It about changes in your body, bodily functions or any health concerns. We’d love to answer these questions for you, but we are not doctors and do not have the proper medical training to provide the proper answer for you. We know it can be embarrassing to address the effects of puberty, but it’s completely natural, and no one is judging you. If your problem is that you are pregnant, have been beaten or raped, you need to see a doctor right away. In the case of physical/sexual assault and sexual abuse, you need to contact the police and confide in someone close to you who can be a good support. Do not keep this to yourself. These are very serious issues and Kidzworld wants to ensure that you are getting the help you need when you need it. Don't be scared to ask for help in these situations. Whatever worries may be going on in your head (about who will be upset or could find out) need to be ruled out by the fact of what happened to you, and that it was very wrong, and should not happen again. It's not your fault, you should not feel ashamed and you should do whatever you can to help yourself through the situation. 

Do: Leave us comments about our advice, whether it is good or bad. We want to learn what is working for you on the site and what isn’t. We want to make Kidzworld a pleasant experience for everyone who is a part of it and this can be achieved through your feedback. We always encourage you to have your say because it really makes a difference and allows us to make improvements which will better suit you. 

Don’t: Write in about child abuse thinking we have the right to protect this information, we don’t. By law, it is our duty to report it, and if you are in danger, you should be doing the same thing. You might be scared to do this, but if your safety is at risk, you have to. You are welcome to share your experience with us, and we encourage you to, but this is a situation where you are in harm and we have to do whatever you can to prevent that. It is NOT okay if you are being abused by a family member and you should take action, or seek help because you are not in a safe environment. 

Do: Check out our Astrology section in addition to our new Dear Dish-It articles. Dear Dish-It is responsible for our Astrology section, and now that she is back, regular monthly horoscopes and Astrological articles about love, life, family, and career will be in full effect on Kidzworld. For instance, we have just published, “Are We Astrologically Compatible?” As well as, “What Does Your Birthday Says About Your Future Career?”. Not everyone believes in  Astrology and that’s perfectly acceptable, but Astrology can add an extra, insightful layer towards gaining insight and advice. It couldn’t hurt to invest in a spiritual approach, or give it a try and see if it at all relates to you or provides any comfort or help. 

Don’t: Write into Dear Dish-It about your site problems using Kidzworld. We have are moderators for this, or you can consult the help section. Any question unrelated to a personal problem will not be answered by Dear Dish-It. Please re-direct your questions to the proper, available sources.

Do: Encourage your friends who are struggling to write to us. If your problem is really pressing, we’ll do everything we can to ensure that you get addressed.

Don’t: Take Dear Dish-It as a joke or use it for self-amusement. Dear Dish-Dish is dealing with real problems and real people who actually need help. Don't write to Dear Dish-It unless you have a REAL problem or concern. We take everything we read very seriously, and it’s not funny to pretend that you are in crisis when you are not or send spam mail.

Do: Messages Dear Dish-It about drugs IF someone is pressuring you to use them, you are worried about a friend using them, or you are curious about using them and aren’t sure what to do, Dear Dish-It will advise in these cases. Kidzworld promotes health and safety, and Dear Dish-It will be there to remind you why it’s so important that you remain drug-free.

Don’t: Message Dear Dish-It about doing drugs or seeking advice on how to maximize drug use. Kidzworld does not support drug use of any kind, and we will not acknowledge your message if it is of this nature.

Dear Dish-It also does not provide sex tips, nor will Dear Dish-It respond to any sexual content in messages. We will explore sexuality and questions surrounding it, but we will not provide sex advice for kids and teens. Please refrain from sending messages of this kind because they will not be addressed.

Dear Dish-It is here to help you, but it’s not designed to be instantaneous. Meaning, we don’t know the exact time and length in which we will address your question, so please do not use our service if you are in a state of crisis or danger. Call 9-1-1, go to your local Emergency or call a helpline. If you are unsure of a number to call, surf the internet and something in your area should be available. If you still feel stuck, talk to an adult, tell them what is going on and let them get you the help that you need.

We really appreciate you sharing your concerns on Dear Dish-It, and we hope that you will respect these rules. They will allow us to help you better. We’re very sorry we can’t answer your questions instantly, but if for some reason if we can’t acknowledge you personally, we will address your issue in a larger capacity. Meaning, we will do a feature on the topic of your issue and provide advice within that article.

Keep in mind that many of the questions we receive are very similar in nature, so if we don’t post your question, that doesn’t mean we’re not addressing your issue or that we don't value it. It simply means that we went with someone else’s question to target the same issues that is affecting you.

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