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LEGO CITY Undercover Nintendo Switch Game Review

Reviewed by on Apr 10, 2017
Rating: 4 Star Rating

LEGO CITY Undercovers wider release has gotten it on more platforms than its Wii U release in 2013. Kidzworld played through the Nintendo Switchd version of LEGO CITY to share our thoughts with you!

By: Max Cannon

LEGO CITY Undercover gets so much right about an open world LEGO game that it's hard to believe they haven't tackled anything similar since the game's original release in 2013. The world of gaming is quickly growing so there are a few bits that don't stand out so well in 2017 but the moment-to-moment LEGO gameplay is better than ever. 

LEGO's very own city feels alive.LEGO's very own city feels alive.


Unlike the majority of LEGO games, LEGO CITY Undercover isn't based on any outside licensing. There's no Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Batman to be found in LEGO CITY but that doesn't mean there's any less charm. Returning to LEGO CITY, Chase McCain is brought into the police department as an undercover cop to help capture Rex Fury, the baddest bad guy to ever step foot in town.

Nintendo Switch works well to show off the split screen capabilities.Nintendo Switch works well to show off the split screen capabilities.

Fully voice acted cutscenes bring the story to life in a consistently charming story that shows off an adorable cast. However, with so many interesting characters bringing smiles to the table, Chase McCain stands out as a little boring. He's far from a bad character, but Chase is just the straight-man in a world of wacky characters and falls into the "I'll do anything for justice" batch of heroes.

It also stands out that they couldn't lose the Wii U styled communicator from the original game, which was a Wii U exclusive. Those aren't the only remains of the Wii U game, graphics were a little dated on my Nintendo Switch, I'd imagine PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game run at higher resolutions and frame rates but there's not much they can do about muddied textures, short of remaking them all. 

I'd recognize that Wii U shape anywhereI'd recognize that Wii U shape anywhere

Living In LEGO

LEGO CITY feels more alive than realistic open worlds can even manage. Cruising through the open world, which proudly wears its San Francisco inspirations, you'll be pummeled with sounds and sights of a living breathing city. Driving controls feel a little on the floaty side but if you crash your vehicle, or just see a something you want more, Chase can hop out and take any vehicle he sees -- in the name of law enforcement, of course.

When you're not after collectible bricks and studs in the open world, story missions can pull our hero into levels that really feel like an evolution of the LEGO gaming formula. Switching out different disguises will give Chase a different set of moves and tools. A criminal will be able to crack open a safe but he won't be able to swing across rooftops like a cop with a grappling gun.

LEGO CITY Undercover's action moments are the best to come out of TT Games.LEGO CITY Undercover's action moments are the best to come out of TT Games.

These missions really stand apart with the inclusion of thrilling set piece moments. Chasing a trio of criminals in a rooftop parkour session set some fast pacing that other LEGO games could never seem to hit. And the swifter combat, of knocking down an enemy and handcuffing him, keeps things moving along nicely.

Of course there are the common threads between LEGO CITY Undercover and gameplay of fellow LEGO games. There are plenty of hidden collectibles, simple puzzles, and golden bricks to find. But the surroundings are so much better than the competition that this games stands tall above other LEGO games -- aside from the toys-to-life series LEGO Dimensions.

Totally not even San Fransisco.Totally not even San Fransisco.

Final Thoughts

If anyone asks me which LEGO game to play I'm going to recommend LEGO CITY Undercover every time. This doesn't just feel like a reskin of the licensed LEGO games but a real evolution of TT Games' talents. Now I just hope we get another one to follow this rerelease of a 4 year old game.


  • Full World
  • Great Characters
  • Mission Structure


  • Chase McCain
  • Remnants of Wii U Version

LEGO CITY Undercover Game Rating:4

Available for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U.

LEGO CITY Undercover Box ArtLEGO CITY Undercover Box ArtCourtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
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