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Why Having Self-Confidence is The Key To Your Success

Apr 19, 2017

We’re going to let you in on a little secret, having and showing self-confidence is the key to your success. I know it’s hard at this age to be your own person, but it will benefit you in the long run and help to build your leadership skills. You must always remember that “you are enough.” Having faith in yourself can take you far in life. it can improve your quality of life, and help you from letting people get to you. Having self-confidence also helps with fitting in because you no longer care to associate with people who do not want to associate with you. When you're confident you make choices that will benefit you and make you feel good. When you truly believe in yourself you don’t let people who aren’t important affect you, get to you or get you upset. Here are five tips to achieving self-confidence.

Finding Confidence is a Problem SolverFinding Confidence is a Problem Solver

1. Always Listen to Your Gut

If you don’t want to do something or hang out with someone, listen to yourself. Follow your own instincts and do what you feel is right. If you predict trouble ahead then walk away from the situation with confidence. It’s okay if you know better and others don’t. It’s also okay if others don’t understand why you chose to go your own way. In the end, you’ve got to do what’s best for you. Don’t be afraid to be different if it means sticking up for something you have faith in. Never regret trusting your gut, use it as your compass and listen to it often. As long as you feel okay with yourself at the end of the day, that is all that matters.

2. Never Give into Peer Pressure

Sure, you want to fit in and you want everyone to like you, but you have to ask yourself, at what cost? At what point is it worth it for you to sacrifice your own morals? Saying no doesn’t make you a nerd, it actually makes you pretty cool for going against the grain and staying true to your own beliefs. Quality people will respect you for this. When you are confident you have the ability to say no easily because you know what you want and what your limits are. Also, you don’t feel bad because you've stayed to true to your own intentions and instincts.

I Know That I CanI Know That I Can

3. Work on it Everyday

It might seem like the simplest concept, but it’s not easy to love ourselves, just as it’s not always easy to lead with confidence. Life and people are constantly bringing us down. We are constantly faced with fears and self-doubt. This is why you have to remind yourself of how great you on are on the regular. Don’t lose sight of how you really are, take care of yourself, and in the process have your own concerns at the forefront. Keep a running inner dialog with yourself to remind yourself that you are staying confident and not allowing negativity to creep in. Always ensure that you are staying true to you and what you really want to do.

The Amazing Feeling When You are Proud of YourselfThe Amazing Feeling When You are Proud of Yourself

4. Do Things That Make You Feel Good

Participate in activates that make you feel good about yourself and bring out the best in you. Do things you love and are good at. This will remind you of your strengths and allow you to practice them. Never give up on the things you love, no matter how they weigh in on the “cool scale.” If you’ve got a real talent, don’t be scared to show it off. Show confident when it comes to your skills and don’t be scared to help others in the process. Helping someone else reach their own level of confidence is also important, and when you are confident you can be a role model to others. Don’t be superior with your gifts, be generous with them, teach others and make new friends in the process.

5. Be Around People Who Are Encouraging

Spend time with people who encourage you to be your happy, true, confident self. Find people who respect this version of you. People who look up to it and find some value in how you live your life. Surround yourself in love and in people who love you for exactly the way you are. This will make it easier for you to be the real, confident you at all times. Never should you have to apologize for being confident, however, there is a difference between cocky and confident. Nobody likes someone who is full of themselves. Aim for modesty and tend to avoid bragging and arguing at all costs.

The Power of Knowing You Stayed True to YouThe Power of Knowing You Stayed True to You

Finding confidence can be a lifelong struggle. We all suffer from insecurities (at any age), and harp on the things we don’t like about ourselves. We all have to work on this. We have to remind ourselves on the daily what it is that we do like about ourselves. This is a great opportunity to really embrace who you are and do it with pride and without regret.

A good friend once mentioned that “confidence is the key to success.” She firmly believes that her ability to go into situations confidently and self-assured have helped her throughout her life. She’s noted a comparison with others who don’t lead with this assertion. Leading with confidence has gotten her romance, jobs, awards, you name it. The trick was she never stop believing in herself no matter what (she never stopped working either), she was proud of her accomplishments, discovered her gifts early and held onto them tightly.

Always Have Faith In Yourself and What You Can DoAlways Have Faith In Yourself and What You Can Do

Try to find your own gifts and remember they are valuable. Think about how your gifts could help shape the world. Stick to your own convictions and you will find people who are impressed by this, and people who agree with you. If not, at least you are staying true to yourself. Confidence will also help improve performance of any kind, especially when taking a test or playing a sport. Your mentality speaks volumes to your success, and you want to ensure that you have a good attitude as you approach these chapters in your life. Go into the situation confidently and you will likely find yourself in a good spot!

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