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Problems with Parents: Dear Dish-It Answers Questions about Adults

Jul 04, 2017

It’s not always easy to deal with adults especially when we feel that they are disrespecting us. Parents aren’t always aware of how they affect their children, but they certainly do. Today on Dear-Dish-It’s “Let’s Talk About it Tuesday” we are going to be looking at questions from kids and teens who struggle with issues regarding parents or adults. Highlighting the need that everyone wants to be treated with respect.

Let’s Take a Look at This Week’s Questions:

Fighting with the people you love is frustrating.Fighting with the people you love is frustrating.

Question by missanonyomus

Ok, so my dad is very strict and he's been acting very different since he's dated my future step-mom. She's very nice but I think that she takes advantage of him sometimes for being nice. I feel sort of left out like I’m watching them with my step brother, in a perfect bubble. And I'm on the outside. Please help me.


I highly suggest letting your Dad know how you feel. It’s great that you like your new step-mom, is there not a potential for everyone to get along? Let your dad know that you feel left out and maybe he will make some changes. Also, try to participate more and get involved. Sometimes we aren’t really left out, but we tend to make ourselves feel that way. Communicate your concerns and work on your behavior. Try to be pleasant and listen well. Sometimes we think our parents are being strict when they are just trying to teach us stuff like how to be responsible. Change the way you are looking at this situation and find a way that you can happily be a part of the picture.

Figuring out how to talk about your feelings is the hard part. Figuring out how to talk about your feelings is the hard part.

Question by Jake495

What do I do if my feelings show and I feel that I can't do anything right in my parent’s eyes? What if people say things that hurt my feelings? What to I do?


You shouldn’t have to suffer and hurt alone. Have you tried talking to someone? It’s really difficult when we don’t feel recognized in our parent’s eyes, but we have to learn to give the self-esteem to our self. Build yourself up. Know who you are, stand by it and don’t let others put you down. The mean words and things that they say aren’t true, and you are a better person for ignoring it. Though if it gets out of hand, I would get the school involved and ask for some real help. You matter. Your well-being and state of mind matter. You’ve got to do everything you can to make sure that you are safe and well.

A lot of families struggle to get along.A lot of families struggle to get along.

Question by Applehead

If you wanted to tell your parents how you felt, no matter what how harsh it sounds or how sad it is, how can you tell whether or not your mom or dad care about what you are saying and they just want to judge you right off the bat and not really trying to reason with you and motivate you to not have these feelings again?


Parents may judge, but it’s only out of love and concern. They can’t help but think of the million things that could have gone wrong. They worry about you and want the best for you. Sometimes we get tough love, but it is still love in the end. Your parents aren’t wasting their energy on you because they don’t care in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Talk to them, despite their reaction. It might be shocking at first, but in time they will come around because they love you and they aren’t going to deny you. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself or worry about getting in trouble. Tell the truth, it seems like you’ve got something to say and doing so might take a great weight off your shoulders.

Sometimes we can't provide someone with the support that they need.Sometimes we can't provide someone with the support that they need.


No one wants to upset their parents or seem poor in their eyes. This, however, is natural and despite what your parents say, it doesn’t mean that they don’t love you. Learning how to communicate openly and honestly with your parents is key. You can’t be afraid of them and despite what you think they really are there to help you. They just want the best for you. This includes how you feel within the family and if you feel that dynamic has changed how you feel. It’s important that parents know how their choices might be affecting their kids and teens. If we don’t talk about something, it never gets resolved and it is never good to bury things or keep them to yourself. Remember, at this age, your parents are your support system and they are here to help. If talking to them really is too hard, talk to a guidance counselor, but talk to someone because your problems matter and so do you.

We don't always see eye to eye.We don't always see eye to eye.

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