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The Good and Bad Sides of Your Star Sign

Aug 17, 2017

The beauty of the zodiac is that it helps us to see both our good and bad traits.The word “bad” really means things which could be improved on, things you need to work on or things you have to try and control better. Regardless, every sign is loveable despite any trait they may possess or exude. Despite our bad moments, there is something to cherish in everyone.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

  • Good Qualities: Aries can be very friendly, intelligent and adventurous. They can be a lot of fun and will be up for a good time. Aries has been known to keep the party going. Aries is also very hard-working and goal orientated. They set high standards and they work hard to achieve them. Aries can be very charming and can attract a lot of positive attention. Aries can often finish first, be one of the best in the class and shine in after school activities.
  • Bad Qualities: Aries likes to be the leader and can be bossy. Aries might only like things when they go their way. Aries can also get angry or aggressive. When they are feeling emotional it is usually of a frustrated nature.

There are good and bad traits to every star sign.There are good and bad traits in every star sign.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

  • Good Qualities: Ruled by Venus (the planet of love) Taurus is very tender at the root and has a good heart. They are very loyal and make for good friends. Taurus will protect the people that they care about. They are very good in charge and are usually hard workers. Taurus will also have good taste, and will usually be a good dressers.
  • Bad Qualities: Even if Taurus can give 110% sometimes they are lazy. Taurus can also have a temper like a bull in a china shop, Taurus can certainly lose control. They are also known for being very stubborn. Taurus also likes their toys, their phones, iPads or game consults, and can be on them too much.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

  • Good Qualities: Gemini is usually very charming and great at being the center of attention. People will often want to be their friend. Gemini also excels at communication, whether this is through verbal or written skills. Gemini is great at getting out of trouble. They are also highly visual people and can put a good look together. Gemini is also very hospitable, they like to take care of others and show them the royal treatment. 
  • Bad Qualities: People often say that Gemini is two-faced. They have a tendency to engage in gossip. They also have a tendency to lie and to stretch the truth. Gemini can be moody and sometimes is just never the same twice. With Gemini, you just never know what you are going to get. Some are totally innocent, while others are up to no go. They are one of those signs that will surprise you and is certainly one of the hardest to guess. 

Gemini is known for having the gift of the gabGemini is known for having the gift of the gab.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

  • Good Qualities: Cancer is very creative, artistic and domestic. They might be good at cooking, cleaning and performing household chores. They might be that good girl/boy who helps around the house. Cancer is known for their great sense of humor. They are the comedian of the zodiac. Cancer can also make for a great caretaker, they can be kind and empathic, and very loving. Cancer is innovative and will show you how to solve problems. Cancer is full of answers, you just have to ask. 
  • Bad Qualities: Cancer can be moody and let their moods control them. Cancer can also be hard on Cancer. Sometimes Cancer will put themselves down in a bad way. Cancer tends to be self-critical. Cancer might also struggle for happiness and suffer from insecurities, which are holding them back in life. Cancer also puts too weight onto love. They bank their happiness upon their relationships and this isn’t good.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

  • Good Qualities: A typical Leo is full of life and laughter and is a lot of fun to be around. Leo rules the heart so they are generally kind people who know how to make other people feel good. Leo is good to you if you are good to Leo. Leo will even be good to you if you are not good to them. Leo is not a fan of enemies. Leo is the last to discriminate. They will give people a chance. Leo can be very popular, they know to make friends and keep friends. Or they know how to keep a circle of very loyal and loving friends for a long time. 
  • Bad Qualities: Leo has a hard time admitting their faults. Sometimes, Leo, has a hard time confessing that they were wrong. Leo hates to be wrong. Leo also hates negativity and isn’t always able to deal with problematic issues. Sometimes emotions are too intense for them. They'd rather be having a good time than dealing with sad issues. Leo will go in denial when there is a problem simply because Leo needs things to be okay at all times.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

  • Good Qualities: Virgo is very real with people. They will tell you the truth. They are highly analytical and make for excellent critics. They are also great at helping you get to the bottom of a mystery. Virgo is that person you can turn to when you need a little extra support because they are very loyal to their best friends. Virgo can also be very generous. Virgo will have a sense of order and tidiness to them. Virgo will like to keep things in check. Virgo is the sign of service so they can be very giving and hard-working. Virgo likes to focus on a task and sometimes prefers the quiet to the crazy. Virgo is generally a really good person with strong moral values.
  • Bad Qualities: Virgo can be mean sometimes and will know exactly what to say to push your buttons. Virgo is another stubborn sign, they will rarely ever say they are sorry so when they do it is a big deal. Virgo will often also always think that they are right. Virgo can be a bit of a bully when they want to be, they can’t help but pick on people it is just a part of their critical nature and their sense of humor. 

Some star sign's traits go better together than others.Some star sign's traits go better together than others.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

  • Good Qualities: Libra is very charming they know how to impress a variety of people. They know how to work the room and come out of it with love interests. They usually have good, unique sense of style and an active social life. Libra is practically friends with everyone, even people in older grades. Libra isn’t the best with time management, but they will show up for you when it really counts. Libra cares big time when you have a serious problem. Libra is good at staying neutral and not picking a side. They tend to see the good in everybody and don’t like drama of any kind.
  • Bad Qualities: Libra can be flaky. They’ll say they are coming to something and then not show up. They also struggle at making decisions. Libra is very indecisive and it might take them a very long time just to pick an outfit. Their parents might constantly be yelling at them to “hurry up!” Sometimes Libra lives in their own world where they set their own sense of time. Libra also struggles with the butterfly complex that plagues air signs, they like to touch and go, but they battle at forming full-blown committed relationships and staying in one place for too long. 

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

  • Good Qualities: Scorpio is very loyal, generous and hard-working. Scorpio is a sign of control, they know how to keep things in check. They are good at running the show and being a leader. They know how to take charge. They are a great person to come to when you have a problem. They make for excellent listeners and problem-solvers, and generally give really good, realistic advice which is catered for you, but also shows you the other side of things. Scorpio is strong and won’t be taken down easily. Scorpio has a lot of will and fight in them. If Scorpio is by your side, they will never leave you unless you betray their trust.
  • Bad Qualities: Scorpio can be vengeful when they feel crossed, and all violence asides, sometimes it is their words which hurt the most. They really value trust and will not like to be betrayed. Scorpio can forgive, sometimes over time, but they do not forget. Scorpio can also always think they are right and are known to tell people off and cut people out of their lives over arguments.

When Scorpio loves you there is nothing they wouldn't do for you.When Scorpio loves you there is nothing they wouldn't do for you.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

  • Good Qualities: Sagittarius is very optimistic, they almost always look on the bright side of things. Sagittarius came to win and they aren’t afraid to keep playing until they do just that. Sagittarius loves a good time, and a good adventure and make for a good travel buddy. Sagittarius wants to see the world. Sagittarius is insightful about certain things and is generally confident with a good sense of direction. Sagittarius will know how to have a good time as they crave adventure and excitement.
  • Bad Qualities: Sagittarius can think things are wrong with them when they are not. They can also pick on you and tell you what you need to change. They can also have a temper. Sagittarius is very fiery and can get worked up over small matters. They tend to stress about things. Sagittarius doesn’t really put their trust in too many. They play the field, but always show smarts when it comes to business dealings of any kind. Sagittarius can sometimes get into situations that are over their head. Their actions can cause trouble for them.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

  • Good Qualities: Capricorn will like to take care of people and to make them happy. They are very hard-working and strive for the best. They want a good reputation and social status. They are attracted to what money can buy and will be very hardworking to live out their desired lifestyle. Capricorn will also probably put your needs first. They like to treat people the way they would like to be treated, and they will roll out the red carpet in order to impress you. Capricorn is wise and sensitive to beauty.
  • Bad Qualities: Capricorn will deny themselves of the things that they want and deserve. Capricorn will also fish for validation, or at least require it to know their work is good. Sometimes if you’re not satisfied then neither is Capricorn. Capricorn can get too caught up in the superficial and forget that life is not about getting things or making it big. Though, it is in Capricorn’s dreams to truly make it.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

  • Good Qualities: Aquarius is a very friendly sign who knows how to make the most of life. Aquarius is unique, and usually one-of-a-kind. Aquarius has a strong sense of culture. Aquarius is usually very smart and great at coming up with ideas. They know when it’s best to play a situation cool, and they are often known for being cool in general. Aquarius is also usually very involved. They like to challenge themselves and try new things. They are the type that continues to climb the ladder.
  • Bad Qualities: Aquarius can say mean things about people who piss them off. It doesn’t even mean that Aquarius feels this way, they are just frustrated. When Aquarius takes on too much pressure they can get stressed out. They also struggle with commitment as they rarely let people in emotionally. They can be aloof and distant and those trying to get their attention may find this annoying.

Regardless of our traits, there is something special in all of us. Regardless of our traits, there is something special in all of us.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

  • Good Qualities: Pisces is known for their sweet nature and good heart. Pisces is compassionate and empathic, they will be that friend to help you through a problem. Pisces is intuitive, insightful and perceptive. Pisces is diverse as no two fish in the sea are identical. This makes Pisces interesting and unpredictable. Pisces has a lot of empathy and they are generous. Pisces likes to give as much as they can. Very in touch with their emotions, Pisces are stronger thinkers and often old souls.
  • Bad Qualities: Pisces has the ability to be manipulative when they want to be. Sometimes they let their emotions run their course. They can be moody and hard on themselves. Pisces can also be too persistent at times. Sometimes they will want something and it has to be now. Pisces won’t give up until they get what they want. Pisces is also prone to being impulsive. They can do and say things without thinking.
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