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A Family Affair: Dear Dish-It Advice on Loved Ones

Aug 29, 2017

Dealing with family drama is never easy. Why can’t we all just get along? It can be very frustrating when you feel like you can’t talk to your parents or if you feel like a family member doesn’t care for you. Today on Dear Dish-It’s, “Let’s Talk About it Tuesday” we are going to be looking at questions from kids and teens who are dealing with family issues that are causing them turmoil.

Let’s Take a Look at This Week’s Questions:

Sometimes it is hardest to get along with the ones we love the most.Sometimes it is hardest to get along with the ones we love the most.

Question by Fiction

Dear Dish-It, I have three brothers, a twin brother, a one-year-older brother, and a 5-year-older brother. Yet the two youngest ones are being real trouble. Months ago, I said that I believed in mythological gods and goddesses. Yet that was only a play thing! Afterwards, they kept giving me a real hard time by keep on bringing it up. I truly believe in only one god because I'm a Christian. I've had my parents talk to them so they stop giving me a hard time. Yet it seems to be that whenever my twin brother and one-year-older brother are alone with me, they both get onto me for this playful thought of mine AND for watching My Little Pony. (I'm going on 14 by the way.) I don't like being alone with them anymore because they say stuff like, "You shouldn't be watching My Little Pony anymore because you're too old for it." "You should stop watching Yu-gi-oh because you've already watched the entire series." "You believed that the Egyptian gods and goddesses are real." My parents have talked to them, yet they still give me a hard time. What should I do? This is every time we are alone in the same room together.


Aren’t you stuck watching My Little Pony because of them or do you like to watch the show? Do they not see that you are only watching it because they are or do you enjoy watching the show? That is perfectly fine. Your age does not determine your taste, and you should tell them that. It doesn’t matter what you watch, which Is the point? Aren’t you older? Why are you letting them pick on you and why are you letting it get to you? I can understand if it happens all the time and it hurts your feelings. Try talking to your parents again, and tell them what is continuously going on. Try to communicate how you feel and if this doesn’t work, don’t watch TV with them. Do your own thing. Do something that makes you happy.

Family is the most important thing.Family is the most important thing.

Question by Asalah

My grandma from my dad side and my cousins hates my mom so much. They spread rumors about her to make my dad divorce her. whenever I visit my grandma she wouldn't allow my mom to come and visit her with us. Meaning we spend time with my grandma either it's a holiday or birthday parties etc... without my mom:c On the other hand they HATE ME TOO. they keep talking about my complexion, my height and how I suck at English. Now I find 'Fridays(the day I visit them') the worst day of the week. However, my friends love the day they visit their family. I'm just sad about it. I have no one in my life except my parents and sisters to support me.


I’m very sorry that you are going through this. It must not be easy. Unfortunately, not everyone in a family gets along and we don’t always have control over it. There is this thing called “radical acceptance”, it means that we don’t have to like something or love it, but we have to try and accept it. It’s a reality that you wish you could change, but can’t. Be fortunate that you have your parents and your sister, be grateful because some people have no one. Anything can change In time, maybe your grandma will come around in time. Maybe, hopefully, she will radically accept your mom and things can improve. Also, have you ever tried talking to your grandma and letting her know how you feel? She may not be aware of how aware you are of her behavior and she might change it to to suit you better.

The love of a family is a blessing.The love of a family is a blessing.

Question by Asking

My younger brother doesn't seem to want anything to do with me. Any advice?


Why not telling him how you feel. Let him know it’s important to you that the two of you have a relationship.

Question by Elise

Dear-Dish-It, I am currently ten years old going on eleven. I am a very mature girl for my age. Example: boy: ooooo she called me poopoo head!| Most kids in my class would laugh at that. I would be bothered. My parents are very strict but I'm [trying] to ask them a question. I have been going out with a guy for a year. [I’m] in third grade, he left school, but I still knew him. A year later he asked me out. I had this secret for a year now and it is killing me. How can I tell my strict parents? Should I tell my mom or dad first? Should I inform them we only talk? My parents would not be like this if it wasn't for this age. All kids care about is sex these days. Me and my boyfriend are different and I need help.


You need to come clean to your parents, and I suggest sitting them both down. You are young and I don’t know if you are not ready for dating. If you and this boy only talk is more like a boy that is a friend oppose to a boyfriend? Tell your parents the truth because you will feel so much better. If you are truly mature for your age, this is the mature thing to do. They might be really happy to hear that you and this boy are only talking.

It is impossible to always get along.It is impossible to always get along.


Issues with family are tough, especially since we can’t just magically switch families, but we can learn to work with them. We have to learn to get along, listen to each other and really consider each other’s feelings. The more we do this, the better off we will be. Talking about stuff really is key because then we know how each other feels and we can work to heal these matters.

Don’t feel like you can’t turn to your family. They love you and if they are a good parent they will want to get you the help that you deserve.

Build your family upon love and harmony. Build your family upon love and harmony.

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