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Wonder Woman Blu-ray Review

Reviewed by on Sep 18, 2017
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Wonder Woman is out on Blu-ray and DVD. Will you want to keep and gift the origin tale of this fabulous female superhero? Check out our Blu-ray review.

By: Lynn Barker

In Wonder Woman, beautiful and strong princess of Amazons Diana (Gal Godot) is determined from childhood to train to be the strongest Amazon warrior of them all despite her protective mom Queen Hippolyta’s (Connie Nielsen) objections. She grows to adulthood with skills the other Amazons don’t have. When WWI pilot/spy Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes near the Amazon’s hidden island, all will change for Diana, the Amazons and the warring world outside.

Young Diana with her mother HyppolitaYoung Diana with her mother HyppolitaCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Present-Day Diana

While working at a famed museum, Diana Prince receives an old picture of herself as Wonder Woman taken during her WW I exploits. Batman/Bruce Wayne discovered it and sent it to her, asking that she tell him her “story”. The picture triggers age-old memories of Diana’s youth and transformation into super hero.

Color version of the 1917 black and white photographColor version of the 1917 black and white photographCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Only Child on the Island

As the only child among her adult Amazon “family”, young Princess Diana was discouraged by Queen/mom Hippolyta from learning to fight like her fellow Amazons. She secretly trains with uber-warrior Antiope (Robin Wright) until Hippolyta has to agree to let her learn but pushes her harder than any others. All the Amazons fear that the banished god Ares will return and they must be ready. Diana has secret strengths that even mom doesn’t want her to know about.

Amazons go to war on the beachAmazons go to war on the beachCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Man in the Mix

A pilot, dressed in a German uniform. crash-lands near the island and the now grown Diana saves him. He explains that he is Steve Trevor, an American spy, and the German Navy follows him through the island’s magical barrier to attack the Amazons. It’s guns vs. arrows, swords and knives and, although fighting with great skill, many Amazons are killed. Steve reveals that his mission is to stop the Germans from developing a nerve gas that will destroy everything it touches. He stole the creator Dr. Poison’s notes and has to get them to British high command.

Steve and his buddies fight in a villageSteve and his buddies fight in a villageCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Diana goes to War

Believing that this war is caused by War God Ares and that only she can kill him and end it, saving innocent lives, Diana takes her weapons, sword, shield and lasso, and sails away with Steve for London, even though he tells her that killing one man can’t stop the huge war. On the boat, the two grow closer. They’re falling in love. Meanwhile evil German General Ludendorff (Danny Hutson) and his chief scientist Dr. Poison (Elena Anaya) work on the ultimate mustard gas. Steve turns the notes over to Sir Patrick (David Thewlis) a member of Parliament, for safekeeping.

Diana dances with the dreaded evil German GeneralDiana dances with the dreaded evil German GeneralCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Gassed Out?

When the British government tells Steve to butt out since an Armistice will soon end the war, he can’t. He and Diana know that Ludendorff and his scientist will unleash the horrible gas anyway. Diana believes that Ludendorff is secretly Ares. Steve gathers his team Sameer (Said Taghmaoui), Charlie (Ewen Bremner) and The Chief (Eugene Brave Rock) and, with Diana, they are off to find Ludendorff and his secret gas lab. Will the team succeed? Will Diana kill Ares and will this stop all wars or is there actually no God Ares? Will the romance of Diana and Steve survive?

Steve tries to convince Diana that she can't stop the war aloneSteve tries to convince Diana that she can't stop the war aloneCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Special Extra Features

This Blu-ray/DVD/Digital combo pack is loaded with extra features that are actually just inspiring! How often can you say that about featurettes included in home entertainment packs?

  • Epilogue: Etta Candy’s Mission- is a cute extra in which, after the war, Steve Trevor’s secretary/assistant, reveals a secret mission to Steve’s old team. A bar fight ensues. Funny.
  • Crafting the Wonder features director Patty Jenkins talking about the WW origin story, challenges of bringing the comics to life and getting the character just right for fans. Gal talks about her excitement at getting the role and costumes, weapons, set decoration, production design, locations and a few visual effects are covered. A nice overall making-of feature.

Is this what passes for armor in your world?Is this what passes for armor in your world?Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment
  • A Director’s Vision takes the place of a voice-over commentary and is very comprehensive. In the 5-part extra, Patty Jenkins talks about her personal love of the character and working on creating the Amazon island (great concept art), the step-by-step difficulties of filming the big Beach Battle, the importance of the black and white 1917 photograph that proves WW has been around a looooong time and the fact that it was not CGI-created. It was taken with a real 1917 still camera. Cool! How Diana reacts to the 1917 outside world and the locations used are discussed and we are on set for the difficult-to-shoot scene in which Diana crosses No Man’s Land.. Gal Gadot shows us how freezing it was.
  • Warriors of Wonder Woman concentrates on all the amazing female athletes, stuntwomen, martial and boxing arts ladies who trained super hard in a boot camp to convincingly play the Amazons. What a cool group of ladies!
  • The Trinity drives home the fact that Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman are the DC comics successful trio who all have different reactions to violence. A really cool extra!

Director Patty Jenkins on set with Gal GadotDirector Patty Jenkins on set with Gal GadotCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment
  • The Wonder Behind the Camera introduces the amazing group of professional women working on all phases of the film as they lead a young group of female, would be filmmakers around set encouraging them to have careers in film.  Very inspiring for all. A girl-powered must see!
  • Finding the Wonder Woman Within is a unique extra in which young poets and various public figures like NASCAR racer Danica Patrick perform poems or discuss Wonder Woman’s best qualities and how they apply in real life. Again, very inspiring.
  • Extended Scenes and Blooper Reel – most of the scenes show very small additions. The gag reel contains a lot of giggling on set, falling down, Diana’s first ice cream cone falling out of the cone, etc. Lots of fun!

Strange, scarred Dr. PoisonStrange, scarred Dr. PoisonCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Wrapping Up

I was very impressed with the inspiring extras on this Blu-ray/DVD/Digital set. It’s well worth collecting and gifting. The film created a wonderful origin story for Wonder Woman and covered all bases with great heart, emotion, humor and action. Gal Gadot is perfectly cast and presents a powerful presence whether in emotional scenes or kicking butt. I love Chris Pine as a boyfriend/hero anytime.

Diana takes the God Killer swordDiana takes the God Killer swordCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Hail Diana, the powerful, compassionate princess who can stand up to the Marvel masters! There are a few weak spots in the film involving some of the side kick characters but with the really involving and inspiring extras on this home entertainment set, we can go five stars!

Wonder Woman Blu-ray Rating:  5

Wonder Woman Blu-rayWonder Woman Blu-rayCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Buy Wonder Woman in stores Tuesday, September 19th.


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