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Wonder Woman Movie Review

Reviewed by on Jun 01, 2017
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld saw Wonder Woman. Will the tale of this powerful, gorgeous superhero be one of your faves? Check out our movie review.

By: Lynn Barker

In Wonder Woman, on the fog-shrouded island of Themyscira, Princess of the Amazons Diana (Gal Gadot) started her fight training early under the instruction of famous warrior woman Antiope (Robin Wright) despite queen mom Hippolyta’s (Connie Nielsen) objections. Now an adult, Diana is restless, feels she’s a bit “different”, a little stronger and with powers the others don’t have. Add a really cute WW I pilot named Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who crashes near the island, into the mix and big changes are in store for Diana and the outside world.

Young Diana with her mother HyppolitaYoung Diana with her mother HyppolitaCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Modern-Day Diana

In Wonder Woman, while working at a famed museum, Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) receives an old picture of herself as Wonder Woman taken at the end of her WW I exploits. We know from a previous Batman film that it was sent to her by Bruce Wayne/Batman. The picture recalls her memories of her youth and eventual emergence as the superhero

Wonder Woman in actionWonder Woman in actionCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Among the Amazons

As a child and teen Princess Diana was discouraged by Queen/mom Hippolyta from learning to fight like her fellow Amazons. She secretly trains with uber-warrior Antiope until Hippolyta has to agree to let her learn but pushes her harder than any others. All the Amazons fear that the banished war god Ares will return and they must be ready. Diana has secret strengths that even mom doesn’t want her to know about.

Valiant warrior amazon AntiopeValiant warrior amazon AntiopeCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

A Man is Added

When Diana is a grown woman, a pilot, dressed in a German uniform. crash-lands near the island and she saves him. He explains that he is Steve Trevor an American and the Nazi navy follows him through the island’s magical barrier to attack the Amazons. It’s guns vs. arrows, swords and knives and, although fighting with great skill, many Amazons are killed. Diana uses the lasso of truth to make Steve reveal that he is a spy trying to stop the Germans from developing a nerve gas that will destroy everything it touches. He stole Dr. Poison’s notes and has to get them to British high command.

Steve Trevor confronts Dr. PoisonSteve Trevor confronts Dr. PoisonCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Joining the War Effort

Believing that this war is caused by Ares and that only she can kill him and end it, saving innocent lives, Diana takes her weapons, sword, shield and lasso, and sails away with Steve for London, even though he tells her that killing one man can’t stop the huge war. On the boat, the two grow closer. They’re falling in love. Meanwhile evil German General Ludendorff (Danny Hutson) and his chief scientist Dr. Poison (Elena Anaya) work on the ultimate mustard gas. Steve turns the notes over to Sir Patrick (David Thewlis) a member of Parliament, for safekeeping.

Evil General LudendorffEvil General LudendorffCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Destroy the Gas

When the British government tells Steve to butt out since an Armistice will soon end the war, he can’t. He and Diana know that Ludendorff and his scientist will unleash the horrible gas anyway. Diana believes that Ludendorff is secretly the god Ares and all war will stop if she kills him. Steve gathers his team Sameer (Said Taghmaoui), Charlie (Ewen Bremner) and The Chief (Eugene Brave Rock) and, with Diana, they are off to find Ludendorff and his secret gas lab before he gasses the world. Will the team succeed? Will Diana kill Ares and will this stop all wars or is there actually no God Ares? Will the romance of Diana and Steve survive?

Wonder Woman joins Steve and his crewWonder Woman joins Steve and his crewCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Wrapping Up

Kidzworld saw Wonder Woman in 3-D on a huge IMAX screen and I highly recommend this kind of viewing. It immerses you in the action!

I find little not to like about this film. It’s exciting, touching, romantic, action-packed, at times intentionally funny, well-acted and it mega-succeeds as an origin story for this charismatic character from the DC Universe. We wish we had more of the stunning Amazon fighter women but we have to focus on Diana. Steve Trevor’s motley crew of WWI spy-thieves/fighters doesn’t get much development but do their best and baddies General Ludendorff and Dr. Poison are villain stereotypes but this doesn’t ruin the film.

Steve Trevor on a Turkish airfieldSteve Trevor on a Turkish airfieldCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

There is a twist that you may or may not see coming. Fight action featuring the perfect Gal Gadot is graceful even in the midst of a butt-kicking CGI-created battle that could fit into any superhero film. Wonder Woman makes dodging bullets look like a pirouette from “Swan Lake”. The film’s music compliments the tender moments as well as battle action. Sia sings the song “To Be Human” during the credits.

Dodging bullets in battleDodging bullets in battleCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

The message of the story; that Mankind is flawed, sometimes evil but, in the end, is worth saving is heartwarming and encouraging and, as Diana slowly discovers her place among us, we are learning too as we watch. Morality is explored with the hopeful realization that love can conquer all, driving Diana Prince into her future as Mankind’s guardian. We are totally invested in her story.

Finally, a DC superhero to equal the Marvel masters. All hail this compassionate, butt-kicking princess. We go a hearty four stars.

Wonder Woman Movie Review: 4

Wonder Woman Movie PosterWonder Woman PosterCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

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