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Big Hero 6: Return of Baymax TV Movie Review

Reviewed by on Nov 17, 2017
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld checked out Big Hero 6: Return of Baymax, a new series which launches on Disney XD and Disney Channel with a TV movie. Is it as fun as the feature film? Check our review.

By: Lynn Barker

After young, brilliant 14-year-old Hiro (voice of Ryan Potter) loses his beloved brother/brilliant inventor Tadashi, he mourns then is accepted at San Fransokyo’s famous Institute of Technology. He misses his friend Baymax, a cutting edge robot and thinks he’s gone forever. Will a trip to Tadashi’s lab at the school change that?

Happy reunionHappy reunionCourtesy of Disney XD

First Day of School

Young Hiro watches a video of his beloved older bro Tadashi teaching him to ride a bike. Hiro has been accepted to the esteemed Institute of Technology at only age 14. He will have trouble living up to his deceased brother’s image there. He is sad that pal Baymax, created by Tadashi, is no longer with him. At school he sneaks into his brother’s old lab, find’s Baymax’s super power arm and a chip left by his brother. He can rebuild Baymax! He is caught in the lab by dean/teacher Granville (voice of Jenifer Lewis) and told it is for upperclassmen, not freshmen!

Hiro, Baymax and the rest of Big Hero 6Hiro, Baymax and the rest of Big Hero 6Courtesy of Disney XD

Street Patrol?

Hiro’s friend Fred (voice of  Brooks Wheelan) tries to get the rest of what he still calls the Big Hero 6 back together to patrol for crime but they aren’t into it. Being crime fighters was a one-time thing. Wasabi (voice of Khary Payton), Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez) and GoGo (Jamie Chung) had rather be “normal” citizens. Working in the lab anyway, Hiro gets Baymax’s skeleton base form finished but he doesn’t test it so it runs away without it’s ‘brain’. Meanwhile Fred has convinced the gang to do a night patrol but all they do it frighten a fast-driving husband trying to get his pregnant wife to the hospital.

Some of the Big Heroes suited upSome of the Big Heroes suited up

Yama Rama

A criminal named Yama is out of jail and has grabbed the runaway Baymax skeleton. He won’t release it unless Hiro gets a certain paperweight-looking device off Dean Granville’s desk for him. He gets it but Yama won’t release Baymax. In fact, because Hiro didn’t finish testing his new bot, Yama is able to create a whole army of look-alike evil bots like him!  The rest of the 6 rescue Fred and Hiro and the first Baymax skeleton and Hiro has also grabbed the weird device and puts it back on Granville’s desk. He is able to finish Baymax including his chubby outer shell and we see that Yama reports to a bigger boss.

The skeleton inside BaymaxThe skeleton inside BaymaxCourtesy of Disney XD

Big Hero 6 Into Action

Feeling responsible for all the copycat evil robots now terrorizing the city, Hiro realizes the Big Hero 6 must get together to stop them. Yama is only using the robots as a screen so he can sneak back into Granville’s office for the weird device. We see that it has a powerful electric force. It grows more powerful by absorbing more electricity. A passenger train with Hiro’s Aunt Cass (voice of Maya Rudolph) aboard is being attacked by the device before Yama can get it to his boss. With Baymax and Hiro now suited up as superheroes, the gang is out to stop the device and Yama. By the end of his adventure, Hiro has realized that he needs to be more responsible but will make mistakes. He’s allowed to continue working in Tadashi’s lab.

Hiro, the reconstructed Baymax and Aunt CassHiro, the reconstructed Baymax and Aunt CassCourtesy of Disney XD

Wrapping Up

In “Big Hero 6: Return of Baymax”, the action, humor and heart of the original feature film is all there in this one-hour intro TV movie to the new series. All the characters seem the same, the humor comes mostly from their personalities and the story is a nice one to get the team back together. There is a mystery master villain introduced to be unveiled during the series. Is it Alistair Krei (Alan Tudyk) from the feature film?

Hiro and buddy Baymax are back togetherHiro and buddy Baymax are back togetherCourtesy of Disney XD

The 3-D movie animation is now 2D for TV and it takes a bit of adjustment but the characters basically look the same. I see a fun future for the series. We can go four stars for this TV movie.

"Big Hero 6: Return of Baymax" TV Movie Rating: 4

Big Hero 6 The Series PosterBig Hero 6 The Series PosterCourtesy of Disney XD

“Big Hero 6 The Series”, debuts on Monday November 20th at 8:00PM EST on Disney XD and Disney Channel.


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