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It’s Perfectly Okay to Be Single

Feb 09, 2018

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it can be normal to feel sad If you don’t have a romantic interest. Regretless, of any day of the year, it is always okay to feel down about not having someone. We all long to meet someone we can connect with and potentially love. The thing is, you have your whole life to fall in love, and real love is worth waiting for. It’s all about being with the right person and you will know when you make this match. Suitors will come and go, but the right person will stick and is worth waiting for. It’s all about timing.

You are still awesome if you are single.You are still awesome if you are single.

Why Would You Want to be Single?

This is your time. Time set out for you which you have to maximize. Put yourself and your own needs first. This is the time to be selfish and get yourself sorted. It might seem strange, but the moment you begin to figure out who you are is the moment you are going to attract the appropriate person to love. You can focus on your grades and activities. You can build your resume because in this competitive day and age, you’ve got to start young. The most ambitious of the pack utilize this time to build up their credentials. They aren’t putting romantic affairs as their priority.  

You have your whole life to be with someone.You have your whole life to be with someone.

The truth is that relationships are time-consuming and distracting. They take away from your “me time.” You won’t be able to perform to your greatest ability unless you’re a master of time management, and capable of juggling it all. It’s so easy to get caught up in a crush why not get into something productive.

Use your energy wisely and don’t waste time daydreaming.

Love is the thing everyone wants.Love is the thing everyone wants.

We also want to put emphasize (again) on the notion that you are so young and have your whole life to fall in love. Yes, high school sweethearts do exist but they are rare, and this is because most people date more than one person in their lives. The special connection you’re looking for won’t come right away. It will come when you are ready. So, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time.

Why Being Single is Smart

At this age, you are still trying to figure out who you are. You need to put serious thought into this. Nobody knows who they are yet, and therefore most people can’t connect. Sure, there are always exceptions, but in most cases, if you are with someone now you won’t be with that person forever.

It's always better when you two want to be together.It's always better when you two want to be together.

Being single gives you a sense of freedom and independence. You don’t have to settle for one option. You can see what is out there, get to know people and flirt harmlessly. You don’t have to pick until your ready, and sometimes you are simply just not ready to date. It takes time to believe in yourself and your abilities. You need to truly develop who you know in order to know what you really want. Relationships can easily get co-dependent, which causes you to lose your own sense of self and identity. Some attachments can be unhealthy.

There is nothing wrong with you if you are single, you simply haven’t met the one yet, and the one could very well be someone you have yet to meet. So many opportunities open up when you finish school.

We often see things with love in our eyes.We often see things with love in our eyes.

Do something fun on Valentine’s Day with your single friends. Plan something for you to look forward to and treat it like any other day. Celebrate yourself and remind yourself why you are a catch. Be good to yourself and figure out what you want. Being single on Valentine’s Day can really just be about you, and the self-love that you have for yourself.

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