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Why Moms are so Amazing

May 10, 2022

There is nothing more sacred than a mother’s love. Often we don’t get or see how much they do for us, but they are doing a whole lot.

Even just cooking breakfast, making a fresh pot of coffee, preparing your lunch in the morning and sending you off to school—is a lot. Making sure you are dressed and have everything you need for school, including last night’s homework. Your job becomes mom’s job.

Do something nice for your mom on her special day.Do something nice for your mom on her special day.

Moms are amazing. It is probably the hardest job in the world to raise a family. Finding balance in a world full of chaos trying to raise good humans. Not only that, your mom has your back and is probably the first person you can go to when you are having a problem. Your mom always has your care and concern first and foremost ad will often put it before her own well-being.

Moms are underestimated for all that they do. People think they are just sitting around waiting for school to be done. When really they are out buying groceries, picking up your costume for your recital, buying a book that you need for school or signing you up for activities. A day in the life of a mom almost never stops as she is constantly doing things for other people.

Mom's are great because:

  1. They listen and care
  2. They provide unconditional love
  3. They help you with your school work
  4. They cook for you
  5. They make your lunch in the morning
  6. They are there when you are having a bad dream
  7. They help you with your problems
  8. They always have your backs
  9. They read to you at night and tuck you in
  10. They want the absolute best for you

Write mom a note about why you love her.Write mom a note about why you love her.

We celebrate moms today for all that they do that goes unnoticed or expected. A mom doesn’t have to go an extra mile for you, but she will. Your well-being is her top priority.

What are some nice things you could do for your mom to show her how much you love her:

  1. You could make her or write her a card
  2. You could make coupons of ways in which you will help out more like, “emptying the dishwasher
  3. You could buy her flowers
  4. You could buy her a special gift
  5. You could borrow money from your dad and take her out for her favorite meal
  6. You could pick her a bunch of wild flowers
  7. You could make her a photo collage or scrapbook
  8. You could make her some tea and encourage her to relax
  9. You could clean up for her
  10. You could tell her how you feel

Giving mom flowers is always a nice idea.Giving mom flowers is always a nice idea.

Moms might seem like robots, but they have feelings too and it means a lot to hear from you. What kind of job are they doing? Are they being helpful? Expressing to your mom how you feel will make her feel so good, as she probably doesn’t often hear how much she is appreciated.

Happy Mother's Day!Happy Mother's Day!

Write down all the things that you appreciate about your mom and share it with her. I’m sure this will mean a lot to her on her special day. Try to make her day as wonderful as possible. Think of it as the one day that you give back to your mom, all the stuff that she has done for you. If you don’t have a lot of money, refer back to the lists of things you can do, there are tons of free ways that you can praise your mom.

Mother’s day is an opportunity for the whole family to honor mom, and let her know that you admire everything she does for you. This is mom’s special day, so go that extra mile and make it extra special for her.

Celebrate your mom! Celebrate your mom!