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A Song for Every Summer Mood: A Not-So-Typical Summer Playlist

Jun 15, 2018

Summer comes with a wide variety of moods to experience. That’s why this playlist — unlike other, entirely peppy summer playlists — encapsulates this range. This playlist will not accompany an idealized version of summer, but it will guide you through your real-life summer, as, sometimes, singer-songwriters understand our emotions better than we can understand them, ourselves.

A Song for Every Summer Mood: A Not-So-Typical Summer Playlist

Feeling: Like Dancing

"Live in the Moment" by Portugal. The Man

Whip out a hairbrush microphone, stand in front of the mirror, channel your favorite 80s movie, and turn on this song. The moves will come by themselves — let go of all judgment and simply feel the music. This song has the same dance-inciting effect upon groups big and small, whether you’re dancing alone or with friends.

Live in the Moment by Portugal. The ManCourtesy of YouTube

Feeling: Focused

"Don’t Kill My Vibe" – Acoustic by Sigrid

While summer is typically perceived as a time for freedom from work and responsibility, it can also be a time for catching up on work and responsibilities. Whether it’s a book to read, a paper to write, or a summer packet to complete, acoustic songs such as this one will help you power through — to the point where you can almost forget you’re missing out on summer fun.

Don’t Kill My Vibe – Acoustic by SigridCourtesy of YouTube

Feeling: Creative

"Hangin On" by Johnny Goth

During the school year, it’s difficult to make time to work on creative projects. Once summer starts, however, creativity is sometimes hard to come by. Upbeat and lyrically intricate songs such as this one will help you break through writers’ block.

Feeling: Overheated

"Flaming Hot Cheetos" by Clairo

While some people love the warm, summer weather, others despise it. Summer might mean swimming in the ocean and enjoying a warm breeze, or it could mean sticky sweat in the still heat. For the latter group of people, electronic songs such as this one will help you cope and come to define your summer.

Flaming Hot Cheetos by Clairo

Feeling: Done with School

"Sunshine" by Goth Babe

This more hardcore song defines the angst one might feel going into summer — the yearning for sun combined with the relief one might feel at the end of a difficult school year.

Feeling: Boredom

"Forget About Life" by Alvvays

Doing nothing this summer doesn’t have to be boring. So, when bored, play some dream pop — like this song — and relax. Enjoy your newfound free time while it lasts.

Feeling: Ready to Make a Difference

"Where’s the Revolution" by Depeche Mode

Summer can also be a time for activism and making a difference in the world — no matter what political philosophies you ascribe to. This 2017 song by an 80s band has an 80s feel with a modern message, relatable to all who desire change in the world.

Feeling: No Regrets

"Everyday’s the Weekend" by Alex Lahey

This alternative rock jam embodies a “no regrets” mentality and will guide you through getting out of your comfort zone this summer. With few obligations, this summer, every day can be the weekend. So, play this song through a car stereo with the windows down and get excited for what’s ahead.

Everyday’s the Weekend by Alex LaheyCourtesy of YouTube

Feeling: Like Stretching out in the Sunlight

"In the Flowers" by Animal Collective

Electronic indie tunes such as this one are perfect when played in ear buds when lying in a field of flowers beneath a sunny sky. When doing so, it’s easy to lose yourself in thought and lose sense of reality. This can help you become more in touch with who you are this summer.

Feeling: Like You Were Born in the Wrong Decade

"How Soon is Now?" by The Smiths

Ponderings of summers of decades past can leave one yearning to have been alive during a time of now-vintage fashions and of different social customs. This Smiths song can help you envision a life you may have led had you been born a mere thirty years earlier. Perhaps the song would be spinning on a turntable and you might be wearing Doc Marten’s and a flannel.

How Soon is Now? by The Smiths
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