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Unravel Two Game Review

Jun 25, 2018
Unravel Two Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Jun 25, 2018
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

EAs follow-up to the heart-string tugging Unravel was surprise-revealed at E3! Check out Kidzworlds video game review of Unravel Two!

By: Max Cannon

The original Unravel was shown off during EA's E3 2015 Press Conference and gave the world our first look at Yarny. The game's sequel, Unravel Two, was a key moment of EA's 2018 show and surprised with not just the game's announcement but also its immediate release. While it's not as impactful as the original's release, Unravel Two does have some quality atmosphere and clever platforming puzzles with a short enough length that the game doesn't overstay its welcome and the whole game is cooperative too!

The game's visuals match the high-bar of the first title.The game's visuals match the high-bar of the first title.Courtesy of EA

Improving the Original

We absolutely loved the first game when it released in February of 2016, here's what we had to say.

"Unravel is one of those rare games you know is special from the moment you begin playing. It feels deeply personal, yet contains a message everyone can appreciate and take to heart. The gameplay is always engaging and the visuals are beautiful. With that said, I can't recommend it enough. Unravel won't disappoint."

Unravel Two builds upon the gameplay of the original with stronger puzzles and improved platforming. While the initial game was slower with some heavier jumping, Two gives Yarny larger and floatier jumps and a deeper focus on momentum than the original, but the biggest change is undeniably the inclusion of a second playable Yarny which brings some clever puzzles that are consistently fun to solve without being too challenging.

Unravel Two: Official Reveal Trailer | EA Play 2018

Less Story, More Gameplay

While there's definitely a story kicking around in the background, it's sometimes a little too subtle and difficult to follow but that's not too problematic when the gameplay feels like such a step up from the first. Like the initial game, you'll be climbing, jumping, and swinging with some assistance from the very yarn that makes up both of your playable Yarnys. With the press of a button, you can switch between controlling either character -- unless you're playing cooperatively --- and holding down that switch button will let you merge the characters and control each of them as one. 

Bringing a partner into the mix steps up the quality of the platforming gameplay.Bringing a partner into the mix steps up the quality of the platforming gameplay.Courtesy of EA

The most fun move in your toolset is based around swinging on the yarn that connects your two characters. If there's a gap that's too large to jump across on your own, dropping one of your characters down and swinging across, while your partner acts as an anchor, is often the solution to most puzzles and though a repetitive answer it's always fun to pull off. The real difficult moments come from the side-challenges, while unnecessary to finishing the main story, finishing up these trickier gauntlets get you more customization options and even more Yarnys to choose from!

Playing as one merged character or seperate pairs keeps the game engaging for different types of gamers.Playing as one merged character or seperate pairs keeps the game engaging for different types of gamers.Courtesy of EA

Final Thoughts

Unravel Two has a less impactful story than the first game but its made up for with much stronger gameplay that can be enjoyed by lovers of single-player games or cooperative experiences. The short 5-ish hour campaign has a good amount of side-content to keep you engaged throughout and if you loved the charm and visuals of the first game then this will undoubtedly hook you even more. 

Using your partner as an anchor leads to some clever platforming puzzles.Using your partner as an anchor leads to some clever platforming puzzles.Courtesy of EA


  • Fun Gameplay
  • Great Co-Op


  • Weaker Story

Unravel Two Game Rating: 4

Unravel Two Key ArtUnravel Two Key ArtCourtesy of EA

Available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

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